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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guess Who Came To Our House....

That's right! 'Ole Red Suit himself! And, he wishes you all peace. LOL!

Nolan wasn't quite sure about this guy. He actually just looked him up and down and was entranced. I think he was thinking, "dude, what's up with those pajamas"?! LOL!

After the unbearding, Nolan was quite comfortable on Santa's lap.
 In fact, here he is offering him baby lotion for his chapped hands. :)

Actually, that's my dad. He dresses up and visits some families with small children and gives them gifts. Then, bless his heart, he comes to my house to visit his grandchildren and mean old mommy I am, tell him No. Now,  hang on a minute, let me explain....It's not that I have anything against dear old santa or dad for that matter, it's just that #1- the other 3 little's had just been put to bed. #2 - if they were to see "santa" they would be hyper for the next 1/2 hour or so and would be hard to put back to bed, and #3 - because I don't want Christmas to be about santa for my kids. Even when the boys were small we didn't focus on santa or the easter bunny or  the tooth fairy, (yeah, all those fun things), because we wanted them to know what the holidays are REALLY about. Of course, the kids know about santa (how could they not, he's everywhere this time of year!) but they know the presents come from mom and dad. Another very important reason we decided to not "do santa" (or those other "fun" things) was because we teach them to always tell us the truth. When I was a young girl I remember believing in santa and then going to our basement and finding my brother and I's presents hidden down there. At first I was confused and when I questioned my brother he just laughed at me. When I asked my mom she told me the truth and I was heartbroken. I had really believed and now felt betrayed in a way. So, we decided we wouldn't go that route with our children. We have taken some serious guff about it like "how we are taking the childhood away from our kids", or "we are deadening their imaginations", blah, blah, blah! Possibly. But in the end I believe this was the right plan for our family. I don't regret it and our oldest boys are not traumatized by the fact that they knew santa wasn't really coming down our chimney. :) When we have our big family Christmas party, someone always dresses like santa and hands out the gifts. I am always quick to tell our kids who it is (it's always an uncle or a cousin) and then to explain not to say anything to the other kids because they might not know the truth yet. Just because this is the way we do it does not mean that's the right way for every family and we understand that and will honor that.

I will say that I heard a clip from Dr. James Dobson where he states he thinks it is so important for children to have the chance to build their imaginations through the mythical figures of the holidays. Since he is much more knowledgeable and wiser than me he is probably right BUT you can bet your boots when I get to Heaven I'm going to question him on that one. LOL!

Sorry mom and dad. I know you were disappointed that I ruined your fun. But Sean and I sure enjoyed seeing dad dressed up! LOL!


Dana said...

We feel the same!! I also think a lot of the attributes of santa sound a LOT like the attributes to God... especially to a kid. And then they learn we werent telling the truth about santa, so how do they know we are telling the truth about God?
We tell ours that there was a really cool man a long time ago named Nicolas Claus who handed out presents to poor kids who didnt have anything and thats where we get the story of Santa. He was very nice and did a very good thing, and we always say that we should do the same as he did becuase it would make Jesus happy.
Madi really likes this much better than santa and enjoys giving toys to less fortunate kids!!

somebody said...