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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Believe...

I'm really not sure who all reads my blog. I'm not sure of your spiritual position or persuasion but I just want to clarify where I stand spiritually, not to offend, but to point once again to the True King of my heart. I believe every.single.word of the Bible. I believe that God did miracles in the past and that He is still doing them today. I believe He is a God who heals. I love to read stories from those that have received His miraculous touch in their lives and one day I can't wait to witness it firsthand! I believe God speaks to us but often we don't hear because we choose not to listen or because we have been to occupied with the world's noise. I believe Christmas is about a baby being born, The Greatest Gift of All. I believe this same baby would change history by sacrificing himself 33 years later on a cross for my sins and yours, died and buried in a tomb, only to be resurrected 3 days later and and now lives so that we too may live for Eternity with Him. I believe Jesus chose ordinary men to be his disciples so we would have no excuses. I believe God loves me and you and that His desire is to give us everything He has. Why wouldn't I? After all, He did give His only son so that we might have life. I believe we are anointed to be His hands and feet and that He will give us strength to overcome. I believe we each have a plan and a purpose and that He created each of us perfectly. (Although I do struggle with this some days in reference to my little's). I believe if we will trust and obey and say yes Lord to His call He will go before us and make the path straight. I did not say easy. I did not say fun. I did not say clear. I said straight. I do not propose to understand everything He says or allows. I don't believe I have to. After all, faith is believing without seeing or even understanding. I do not believe this world in all of its' beauty was created by a big bang. I do not believe that our great,great,great, great, etc. grandparents were primordial stew and that we are just evolved. HOG WASH! Ok, I won't go any further on that topic....
I believe life is hard. I hate to see all the suffering and pain that pervades this earth. My heart aches when I see children without food and clean water. Does that mean God doesn't love them? NO! Does that mean He wants them to suffer? NO! It means He is allowing us the awesome privilege to do His work, to be His Hands and Feet. Gosh, it's not easy. (there's that again!) and we will get dirty, consumed, overwhelmed, possibly hurt, and worn out at times but here's the best part....our hearts will be knit together with those we are helping. The perfect picture of Christ and us and, it will matter. The world may not know, nor care, what we are doing, we may not receive applause, accolades or awards but to that person, or family, it will matter! To Christ it will matter! To myself, it will matter. The best thing we can ever do is give ourselves away, after all, it's not  our life anyway, at least mine isn't. You see, I belong to Christ. I've given Him free reign in my heart and my life. He is in control. I'm just along for the ride and boy, has it been some ride!! C'mon, join me. I promise life will NEVER be dull! LOL!


Debbie B said...

AMEN!!! And just for the record, I agree with every bit of your post.

I received an email this morning with a quote that fits the end of your post well.
When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly!

somebody said...