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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Myriad of Updates...

This is a picture of our driveway. Isn't it beautiful?! The only problem is that this beautiful white stuff makes the driveway a tad bit dangerous. (For anyone who has drove our driveway they understand exactly what I mean. LOL!) Remember, we live at the TOP of a mountain. Going up isn't bad it's going down that can make your heart beat in very irregular rhythms. :)

The kids are enjoying every minute of it.
Yesterday was spent making snowmen, snowball fighting,
 sledding and mommy freezing her butt off! LOL! Today all the snow is frozen over and it's like a skating rink. Poor Nol-baby fell down 2 times just trying to walk 10 feet. :(

So this was his mode of transportation. :) I rather think he enjoyed it. He looks so regal. LOL!
Oh, and for those ultimate observant people out there, yes, Nolan is wearing purple snowpants and purple boots. We believe in recycling and reusing around here! Those snowpants and boots were bought for Kyalynn when she first came home (remember Monica?) and they've been worn by her, Gabriella and now Nolan. Talk about wearing the life out of something. :)

An update on Zachary...thank you for your prayers and concern for him. It took almost 2 weeks to hear the results from the MRI. (Major insurance, hospital and doctor lack of communication issues). To make a very long story short - the MRI shows inflammation and the Dr. is offering pain medication and antibiotics. Zack declined the medication and was pain free for several straight days but woke up with pressure Saturday morning which, by lunch, had turned into another big headache. He took some Excedrin Migraine and it went away. We are praying for complete healing. Of course, if the headaches come back with regularity we will go for a second opinion.

I'm happy to report that we are finally seeing some positive results from the GF/CF diet with Connor, well that and LOTS and LOTS of prayer. :)
We have seen a decrease in Connor's behaviors and more willingness to listen and obey quicker. He's not an angel by any means but the peace around our home is s-l-o-w-l-y coming back. Where he once was disobedient many, many times an hour it has drastically reduced to once or twice an hour!! WOWZERS! In 4 1/2 years that's NEVER happened. Praise God, He knew how I needed that!! LOL!
One major issue we've had ongoing with Connor (I won't go into that here) and has been a real source of frustration to us has stopped!! I'm not sure if it's the diet or the fact that he is now aware of the fact that when he does the right things the rewards are far better than when he chooses the wrong things. I know that sounds like a no-brainer but for him it's been difficult to reach that logical/common sense thinking area. For instance, if he disobeys and I ask him why it will take him (well, today 50 minutes) and still give no logical answer. He can throw out the answers that he thinks I want to hear, or lots of nonsensical ones, but to actually figure it out on his own.....nope. We are working on it and wish there was a quick fix but I've figured out with these issues there is no such thing as quick or fix. But we are thankful for the positives we are seeing so far. With God ALL things are possible!!!

And look at this face.
 Oh my! How can it be that a child can go from this

to this in a matter of nanoseconds?!
That's my girl! LOL!
They just started her back on another medication and today has been roller coaster emotion day. No wonder, bless her heart, her poor body having to constantly adjust and find it's new "normal". Prayers for her health and ultimate healing, always appreciated!! :)

That's the latest mountain news. Hear there is more snow on the thankful we have a nice, warm home and lots of blankets to keep us warm and comfortable. Please, please remember those ones that have no home, no place to go, and often freeze to death as they sleep on the park benches or doorways. These are God's precious ones too. Oh Lord, open our eyes so we can be Your Hands and Feet......