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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Perspective....

Thank you all for your prayers! Zachary is home now and although banged up, bruised, having a broken nose, sore chest and sore arm and wrist, and a whopper of a headache he will be fine. THANK GOD!!

The story is that as Zack was driving up a steep hill only about 2 minutes from our home the other driver was coming down, lost control and hit Zachary head on. Zachary was actually pulling over to the side of the road to put his Jeep into 4 wheel drive when he looked up he saw the truck heading for him. He braced himself and waited for impact. Because Zack was barely moving he took most of the force of the impact. His Jeep is messed up but the other drivers truck is totaled. The other driver's airbag popped out which is the only thing that saved him from death. His truck was smashed back to his windshield!

It does not escape me that many others' loved ones have been in car accidents and they never come home, instead they go Home to their Eternal Reward. I am so very thankful for God's protecting hands that have been all over our family especially these last 2 days!

Honestly, before I got word of Zack's accident I had been thinking of a blog post about our year "going out with a bang" because of the intense issues that have been happening around here with our children that sport the tag of RAD (reactive attachment disorder)! But God gave me a new perspective....thank you Lord! He showed me through a tear filled phone call how instantly and drastically life can change. He showed me that I am incredibly, unbelievably, abundantly blessed in so many, many ways. He reminded me through several bloggers and their recent posts that it's NOT about me. It IS all about Him! My job isn't to have perfect, well behaved, totally obedient children (although I yearn for that!) My job is to turn it ALL over to Him, to trust Him with the results and to do my very best in the equation. He used a dear friend to encourage me as I struggle with feeling like a failure as a mother because NOTHING I/we do seems to help. She reminded me
  If you had not raised two awesome sons before partaking in this adventure, you could have tried to blame yourself for poor parenting, but it simply just is not true. God let you have Zack and Ryan first so that you could be affirmed as a parent before going through these trials with the other kids. Just stay the course, trust in Him, and do what you know you should do, and by the grace of God, I know you’ll make it through and be a stronger person in your faith. Tomorrow has gotta be better! 
Thanks so much Dana!! Love you!

You know, of course we are praying for major breakthroughs in the lives of our little's in 2010 but I think I need to change my perspective and pray for a major breakthrough in my life. For my perspective to be changed. For a fresh start. For a NEW perspective. For God to do a work in me that defies any goal setting or planning I might have in mind. 

Here I am Lord....please have free reign in and through me. Totally and completely surrendered to You. Praying for Your touch and a brand new perspective in my life this new year. 
(must be honest, praying this with a bit of fear and trepidation. LOL!)

Wishing each of you blessings and safety this New Year's Eve and a new perspective this New Year!!


Tereasa said...

I am so glad that Zachary is alright!

The rest of your post is so, so good. So glad we are on this journey together.

Less of Me, More of Him in 2010!

Tina said...

Praise God!!! May we all in 2010 keep our center focus on the "One and Only". HE is the ONLY focus to give us a complete and full life.

Love and hugs to all from us!!(gentle hug to Zack)

Tina said...

Praise God!!! May we all in 2010 keep our center focus on the "One and Only". HE is the ONLY focus to give us a complete and full life.

Love and hugs to all from us!!(gentle hug to Zack)

Wee Ones Mommy said...

Praise God Zachary was spared!
Praiying for all of our kiddos that have the tag label RAD, Or HIGH risk for RAD.

Praying for a year of NEWness for you! <3 Tami

somebody said...