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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Special Diet for Special Kids....

After much discussion Sean and I decided before we medicate Connor we would first try a natural solution. So we began all 4 little's plus myself on the GF/CF diet. That's the Gluten free, Casein (dairy) free diet. It's recommended for autistic children but there are a whole lot of other "issues" that can benefit from it as well. We've kept Kyalynn from dairy for some time due to seeing an increase in her autistic behaviors. They have been eating this way for 3 weeks now. At first it was a bit challenging to figure out how to make this all fly but I'm very pleased with how well they are doing with it. For our Thanksgiving meal I just took out some corn and potatoes before they were buttered for the little's and doctored them with our dairy free butter. They did ask for grandma's yummy fudge but I told them it had dairy and gave them the cupcakes I had made for them instead. I am baking every day now as I make everything instead of buying it for them. The GF/CF foods already prepared you can buy are very expensive and that's not an option for us right now. Actually, I'm rather enjoying it. It takes more time and effort but I feel so good knowing we are giving this a chance and I know God will bless it. I feel so Betty Crocker cooking away in the kitchen. LOL! And of course, I have many willing helpers too! :)
As for if we are seeing any changes, we are. Kyalynn seems so much more calm overall and her ability to speak in sentences is improving greatly! She was actually having a conversation with Sean yesterday and it just blessed his socks off! :)
We haven't seen alot of change in Connor yet but we aren't giving up hope!
The most change we've seen so far has been in Gabriella. I am not kidding when I say that EVERY night at supper Gabriella would scream and yell because she didn't want to eat what I made. Basically, all she eats is chicken nuggets, fish sticks and peanut butter. Whenever she is asked to eat anything outside of that list she would go ballistic. It made dinner time so much fun! (read sarcasm here) I'm sure she has sensory issues but she also has a very strong will. LOL! We began the diet on a Monday and for the next 2 1/2 weeks she would eat her meal EVERY NIGHT without so much as a whine! I'm talking the same foods the rest of us were eating. We praised her and at night during her bedtime prayers she would say "Thank you that Gabi didn't scream at supper". When talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and what we can give to God she decided that she could give God the gift of her eating her supper without screaming and a happy heart as a gift of thanks to Him. It's been so peaceful during meal time now! I will admit that there has been about 3 nights that she has cried and fussed about the food but is still required to eat it, which she does but only if I feed it to her. I keep praying that this will become the norm around screaming at mealtime for our digestion's sake and for our sanity. :)
We have a goal that we will have the little's eat this way for 3 months and if we don't see any improvements we will go back to our regular diet. Honestly, I hope we don't. The kids are eating so much healthier now and I feel God's pleasure when I'm cooking and baking away in the kitchen. Although, that piece of fudge does smell pretty enticing, my GF/CF cupcakes are pretty divine themselves! LOL!


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that things are going well. I'm going to refer a cousin to you that has her family on gluten free diet. She is amazing and may be of some help in this transition.

Salzwedel Family said...

That is wonderful that you are seeing improvement! What a huge blessing.

Dana said...

We have been contemplating this change for our kids too. Im totally dreading it... and my husband just gets this look of fear in his eyes everytime I mention it! haha... he loves his pizza and cheeses tooooo much! :o)
It is really encouraging to see that this diet is completely helping you kids tho!! It really makes us wonder what changes we could see with ours!

Sean and Lisa said...

Anonymous, that would be great! Thanks!

Dana they do make soy and rice "cheeses" but they are pretty pricey and are no where near as tasty as the real stuff. I do miss my homemade pizza, haven't been able to perfect my GF/CF version yet but I'll keep trying! However, I just do the crust and sauce and veggies. I do not add the fake cheeses. If you have any questions about it, let me know but honestly I'd say PRAY about it because it is a very BIG change and if you aren't committed it will be easy to not follow through. What about a 3 week trial just to see if behaviors lessen or stop? Just a thought...:)

Tina said...

There are several great websites out there. I pray that this works for the "littles". Have a wonderful Christmas season.

somebody said...