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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where is Kyalynn?...

If we are ever looking for Kyalynn this is where we find the chickens. Notice the white blob under the  chicken cage? Well that's where we built a place for the bunnies to stay. It worked out beautifully until they dug a hole and got out! I was standing at my kitchen sink early one morning when I saw a white bunny hopping along and I thought "that's weird. I never saw a wild white bunny before". After a bit I realized it was our white bunny and the little's and I bundled up for a rabbit chase. LOL! Both bunnies had escaped and we were on a mission to rescue them. We had 2 fox sightings just a day or so before this and knew if we didn't get them safe back inside they would be fox food. Kyalynn was beside herself so we chased and hunted for a long time but they were too fast for us. When Ryan woke up we told him what happened and he went outside and had both bunnies caught in less than 10 minutes!!! Our hero!! :)
So now the bunnies are back in their cage on our front porch, instead of under the chickens, and Kyalynn loves visiting them, feeding them and singing to them even in the bitter cold. Brrr!