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Today is the DAY!...

Ryan turns 16 today! I can't even fathom that my wee babe is 16!!! He has been counting down to this day because he can't wait until he can DRIVE! EEEK! LOL!

My precious Ryan, you have been a flurry of activity since you were in the womb and I wouldn't have it any other way. If we could bottle your energy and sell it we would be millionaires! LOL! Boy, you make us proud! He is tough as nails but so kind and loving too! He is the best big brother, protecting and playful with his siblings. He can make the kids laugh like no one else can.

He is one in a million....and we are so glad he is ours!
Happy, happy birthday Ryan.
Go get that permit boy...the road awaits. LOL!

So, Here's the Skinny...

In the last month we have had quite a bit going on around here. Let's see it started with....

We allow our guys that work out of town to drive our vehicle. Well, one morning on the way up the mountain a deer ran out and they hit it. It desecrated the front of our truck and so said vehicle has been dubbed the infamous "mountain taxi". The "mountain taxi" is the one vehicle we keep with chains on it so during the times when our driveway is ice encrusted and snow covered (which is literally alot of the winter!)we can manage to get up to our home and back down to civilization. LOL!

Then just a short while later Zachary was in that head-on collision which totaled his Jeep.

My vehicle is making a very odd popping sound in the front left side and I have no idea what that is about.

Our vacuum decided it ate one too many dustbunnies and died a slow death. I told Sean it was no big deal and we'd be fine for awhile but goodness gracious, I've found out dustbunni…

GF/CF Update...

So we've been gluten-free, dairy-free now for 2 months and I wanted to post an update on how things are going.   First the logistics of it. I don't believe eating this way is more expensive because I don't buy the prepackaged, premade products. I've figured out to buy large quantities of the sweet rice and I grind it into flour in my Vitamix. This is so much more economical for us. It's a little more time consuming but worth it. Basically, I am baking bread, muffins, or cookies several times a week so the little's have something to snack on. Family dinner consists of a GF/CF meal that everyone can eat. I'm no short order cook. LOL! I can make any meal GF/CF just by changing up the flours and using soy or rice milk in place of regular milk.

Sean and the boys are not GF/CF and they have their own cupboard with their snacks, cereals, etc. in it. Out of sight, out of mind for the little's. Now, when the guys have out their crackers, bread or snacks the kids…

Tore Up...

Sean and I were able to sneak out to the movies this weekend. We saw the movie Blindside. What a great movie! It tore me up right near the beginning and I choked back my tears. Sean was emotionally moved too even though he says he wasn't. LOL!

We walked out and Sean was bombarded with Lisa's thoughts and questions. (This is how I process...talking). LOL! We've had numerous discussions since then and I'm sure I'm not done yet. :)

I tend to always look for the take away value in a movie (makes it worth the 2 hours of entertainment for me!) This movie had lots of take away, so much so that I am still thinking, processing and praying. I'm sure you lucky ones will be hearing more about it in the weeks to come. :)

One Full Lap....:)


I am ashamed of how my actions don't mirror my words too many times.
 I am ashamed that I say I am a follower of Christ but yet don't actually do as He does.
I am ashamed that it's easier to say than to do.
I am ashamed that I let fear stop me from what my heart is telling me to do.
Ashamed that I am not a better representation of the One I love.

Today as the little's and I drove home from worship we were talking and singing when we passed a woman walking alongside the road. The kids didn't see her but I did. She was older, carrying a backpack, and seemed to have a hard time walking (like her feet hurt). As if that wasn't enough to make me stop, it had just started to drizzle. Lisa, Christian that she is, just kept on driving. The Lord was pricking my heart the whole time but I had countless reasons why I couldn't stop. Truth is, they were all based upon one thing....fear. I mean, what if she had a gun in her backpack and tried to hurt me or the children?! What …


We were blessed last weekend with a boatload of girls clothes and these matching nighties were in there. They were so cute oohing and aahhing over themselves! LOL! Kyalynn couldn't stop checking herself out in the mirror. :)
Aren't they so beautiful?!


I have shed so many tears this week, as I am sure so many others have as well, in regards to the situation in Haiti. Although I am shielded from the news reports and pictures because I don't have TV I am still able to "see" through the eyes of families awaiting word on their waiting children in Haiti. I've also watched several news videos posted on other blogs and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. So very happy for those families FINALLY getting to hold their long awaited children (some families have been waiting 3 years!!) and for the life that these children will now be able to flourish in, safe, secure and LOVED! Sad though for all those children left behind. Sad for the devastation. Sad for the hopelessness. Sad for the new orphans. So sad.

I do know that God promises to work ALL things for good and I've witnessed some of that already, watching the moms and dads running to scoop up their adopted children as they descend from the airplane. I have no idea why Haiti…

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen?....

Nope! Not in this house! LOL! Everyone always wants in on the action and I say, the more the merrier!! :)

Look How We've Grown...

When we started the adoption process we were required to attend a number of classes with others interested in adopting. It was the BEST thing because we've built strong friendships and our children are growing up together. Originally, there were 2 other families that joined in our get togethers but this group of kids represents the 3 families that consistently meet up several times a year. This time we were able to meet and celebrate the newest addition to our group....sweet little Sam! He just came "home" from China in December! Praise God! He is such a cutie pie! All boy and action but a little lover too. He came up to me and gave me air kisses! He and Nolan seemed to hit it off well. LOL! Sam turned 2 in November and so they are only several months apart. Good times together ahead, I can feel it! :)

I just love how the whole couch is almost filled up. How cool is that?!

 I don't know though, I'm pretty certain there's still room for more! :)

Warms My Heart...

Nolan Elijah....enough said. :)

Snow bunny, Kyalynn.

Arctic Warrior, Connor.

Too cute for words, Gabriella.

Nolan trying on Ryan's skateboarding helmet. Another skater in the family?!

Ryan and I at Panera Bread for dinner. My sweet son needed his glasses fixed and decided to take me for supper. Oh Yeah!
We had a wonderful time together and am always amazed at the incredible man he is becoming!

Cuteness on the mountain.

A beautiful sunset and view from my backyard.

Oh The Possibilities...

This video was emailed to me from a friend. The title was "Devotion" as it shows the love between a father and his son. As I watched it my heart was broken for all those that were afraid of the diagnosis the doctors gave them during their pregnancies. The diagnosis of defects, disabilities, hopelessness, that may have led them to terminate their high-risk pregnancies. Terminate lives that had so much potential!

 This boy, and his family, prove that EACH and EVERY one of us carry a priceless gift within us! Although, oftentimes, we dismiss the possibilities and potential of the disabled in mind, body or spirit, they have just as much to share and give to us. And honestly, we as a society, are better because of their gifts!!

This video just touches the deepest part of me and reminds me what a gift I've been given in my children....each of them. We've been blessed to see life from a totally different view than before.  When God called us to these special children He allow…

So Bummed....:(

Remember these pictures of Zachary's sweet new ride? This was his dream vehicle. It had everything he
had always wanted in a Jeep!

Just look at his face! Priceless!

This is what his Jeep looks like now after his accident last week.

Jeeps are built tough and I think Zack's fared pretty well after being in a head-on collision with the other guy going at a pretty high rate of speed for the elements. But alas, the insurance agent told him yesterday that they are totalling it because the damage is too extensive to repair.

Zack is handling it incredibly well. Have I mentioned how button-bursting proud we are of this boy?! Anyhow, he is now trying to think through all his options and what his best plan of action is. We are bummed for him as well because he loved this Jeep! He washed and waxed it every.single.week. He took excellent care of it.

I know it is just a thing and we aren't really material minded around here but still.....

Last night we were talking and he reminded me of the co…

Easy Street...

Ha, Ha! That's a hoot! I just had to have ONE post labeled that! LOL!

I am so excited because my life is going to get significantly a bit easier starting next week.

No, I'm not hiring a nanny. (Darn!)
Nor am I getting a maid. (Double Darn!) LOL!

But my dear, sweet, precious man has ordered me to place an order for school curriculum. You see, El Cheapo that I am, I just put together my own school stuff. Yes it takes beau co amounts of time, lots of printer ribbons and lots of hands-on, brain-numbing work on my part but it's what I've always done (until the boys were older). However, as my wonderful husband reminds me, this go around is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than the first go around with the boys! (You can say THAT again! LOL!) So to help alleviate undo amounts of extra energy sapping, mind numbing activity (because there isn't much of my mind left! LOL!) he has ordered me to buy a pre planned curriculm. you hear that? It's the angels singing "HALLELU…

Just a Bunch of Fun and Games....

Trying to teach the kids Twister but it's not going so well. LOL! I love this picture because it shows how much Nolan loves to copy Connor. (not sure if that's such a good thing! LOL!)

New Year's Eve party playing Limbo.

Playing our version of Pictionary. I just love Gabi's face here! She gets so excited and wants to help everyone guess what she drew.  LOL! This is her saying "wait a minute, wait a minute it's a ....." :)

Here's Nolan again shadowing Connor. He is such a hoot! LOL!

Nolan and daddy taking their turn at Pictionary.

Playing Charades.  Kyalynn waiting to hear what she is supposed to be/do. She did such a fabulous job acting out her animals. We can see her comprehension skills growing so much. Praise God!!

Nol-baby taking the first hit at the pinata. He was a wild man with that stick! LOL! We had to clear a large perimeter around him.

Miss G...she took a couple of swings and then "shared" her turn with Connor who was chomping at the bit…

A New Thing...

So, after my post about a new perspective God has really wanted to make sure I  got it. He really laid a verse on my heart but it was only the first part of it "look, I'm doing a new thing" and for the life of me I couldn't find it in my Bible. I looked for a day or two and then thought I'll google the reference. Sean was standing beside me when I pulled it up and I explained how God had given me this verse as my verse for the New Year. Then I ran upstairs and grabbed my Bible. I read the whole verse and it just gave me chills.

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland".  Isaiah 43:19 NIV

(This is so significant to me on alot of levels but the last part really feeds my soul. He is making a way in the desert ...we've felt like we've been in a desert with no direction for so long... and the idea of streams flooding the wasteland....oh my! It speaks to me of ref…

To Start Your Week...

Just a bit of cuteness!! LOL!

Little man is growing so fast! He is walking up the stairs and holding onto the railing all by himself (with mom/dad right behind, just in case. LOL!)
He knows his body parts and can name them and point to them.
He knows the animals and what sounds they make and can also pick them out of books.
He loves books and asks daddy or I to read to him by bringing the book to us and saying "plz" :)
He has started to say "cook" when he wants to help me with supper.
He loves to rearrange (just like his mom!) and often undoes the arranging I have just done. LOL!
He is saying so many words right now and Gabriella loves to sit beside him and say "Nolan can you say _____". That's probably how he knows all the words he does. :)
When he wants his diaper changed he will go and get the diaper and bring it to me!
He has been sitting on his potty chair but most times pees right after he gets off! :)
He makes the funniest faces and is quite a little ham…