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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Easy Street...

Ha, Ha! That's a hoot! I just had to have ONE post labeled that! LOL!

I am so excited because my life is going to get significantly a bit easier starting next week.

No, I'm not hiring a nanny. (Darn!)
Nor am I getting a maid. (Double Darn!) LOL!

But my dear, sweet, precious man has ordered me to place an order for school curriculum. You see, El Cheapo that I am, I just put together my own school stuff. Yes it takes beau co amounts of time, lots of printer ribbons and lots of hands-on, brain-numbing work on my part but it's what I've always done (until the boys were older). However, as my wonderful husband reminds me, this go around is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than the first go around with the boys! (You can say THAT again! LOL!) So to help alleviate undo amounts of extra energy sapping, mind numbing activity (because there isn't much of my mind left! LOL!) he has ordered me to buy a pre planned curriculm. you hear that? It's the angels singing "HALLELUJAH"

Oh yeah, Lisa is going to be living on Easy Street, well, at least in one area of my life. LOL!