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Friday, January 22, 2010


I have shed so many tears this week, as I am sure so many others have as well, in regards to the situation in Haiti. Although I am shielded from the news reports and pictures because I don't have TV I am still able to "see" through the eyes of families awaiting word on their waiting children in Haiti. I've also watched several news videos posted on other blogs and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. So very happy for those families FINALLY getting to hold their long awaited children (some families have been waiting 3 years!!) and for the life that these children will now be able to flourish in, safe, secure and LOVED! Sad though for all those children left behind. Sad for the devastation. Sad for the hopelessness. Sad for the new orphans. So sad.

I do know that God promises to work ALL things for good and I've witnessed some of that already, watching the moms and dads running to scoop up their adopted children as they descend from the airplane. I have no idea why Haitian adoptions were taking so very long....although I'm sure money and politics were factors. But God! Amidst devastation and destruction God began an amazing rescue effort and freed these children waiting so long to go "Home"! Go God!!

Now we need to pray. Pray unceasingly for Haiti. Pray for righteousness to be set in place in the government. Pray for revival. Pray for long term help to flow into Haiti. Pray for what YOU can do. Every.little.bit.helps!
And near and dear to my heart....pray for those children still waiting for a family....for a home...for food and clean water...for safety...for love.

When the media tires of reporting on Haiti, when the rest of the world continues to get on with life, when the images and videos aren't everywhere staring you in the face, please don't forget them...... please don't! They need us to uphold them in prayer and to do whatever God is calling us to do to be His hands and feet.