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Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Start Your Week...

Just a bit of cuteness!! LOL!

Little man is growing so fast! He is walking up the stairs and holding onto the railing all by himself (with mom/dad right behind, just in case. LOL!)
He knows his body parts and can name them and point to them.
He knows the animals and what sounds they make and can also pick them out of books.
He loves books and asks daddy or I to read to him by bringing the book to us and saying "plz" :)
He has started to say "cook" when he wants to help me with supper.
He loves to rearrange (just like his mom!) and often undoes the arranging I have just done. LOL!
He is saying so many words right now and Gabriella loves to sit beside him and say "Nolan can you say _____". That's probably how he knows all the words he does. :)
When he wants his diaper changed he will go and get the diaper and bring it to me!
He has been sitting on his potty chair but most times pees right after he gets off! :)
He makes the funniest faces and is quite a little ham.

For New Year's Eve we had bought the little's glow sticks and Saturday night Nolan got a hold of one and was gnawing on it and got a tiny bit of the insides in his mouth. I was tucking Connor in for the night when Nolan came to me and said "yuck" and stuck his tongue out. Of course, I had no idea what was going on and asked him what's in your mouth. He showed me the glow stick bracelet and said "yuck". A little panic ensued when brother Ryan found out and kept saying that glow sticks are toxic and we'd better call Poison Control. It wasn't like he drank it. He might have had a drop or two but Ryan was adamant so to appease his worried mind we Googled it and after reading about 4 sites (that all said the same things! Non-toxic!) he finally felt relieved and the night could continue without alarm. LOL! (But I must say, what an awesome brother!)

Nolan keeps us laughing and on our toes! LOL! What a terrific blessing he is to all of us. Here's to a week filled with God's blessings and a bit of cuteness thrown in! LOL!


Tereasa said...

cute, cute, cute!