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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blessed, Stressed and Impressed...(My Weekend Wrap)

Blessed: God bought us Pizza!! :)
Sean's parents visited us on Saturday and they blessed us by allowing Sean and I to take a bit of time away from the kids. Since I haven't had a good piece of pizza since starting the GF/CF diet we opted for Pizza Hut. Woo-Hoo!! There were only a couple of tables filled and we ordered right away thinking we'd have time to run to the grocery store before heading home. Sean and I had a wonderful time together just talking about the kids, planning how to handle certain situations, etc. when Sean looks at his watch and says why is it taking so long? Our waitress never returned to our table during the whole wait and so Sean flagged down a guy to check on our pizza. He returns saying he's sorry and the pizza will be free. How nice is that?! So finally the waitress returns and says they lost our pizza. What?! So they remade us another one and just put it in the oven it will be done in 10 minutes. So we waited (more than 10 minutes). The long lost pizza finally arrives and the guy tells us that our bill is wiped clean. There was no reason we should have waited 1 1/2 hours for our pizza. He's right, no pizza, no matter how desperate I was for a piece was worth that amount of time but....the time flew by because I had my best friend across the table from me and we had fun! We laughed and had a blast. No kids=a full conversation with NO interruptions which is PRICELESS! LOL! But the best part of all this is just as we were getting ready to leave our waitress walks over and says "We found your pizza, would you like to take it with you?" So not only did God buy us pizza at the restaurant but he also provided a large Super Supreme to take home for the older boys!! Thanks God!!

As I already mentioned Sean's parents were gracious enough to watch the little's for us while we went out. They are always quick to babysit or help out wherever it's needed. Thanks guys!! We love yous!! Anyways, I found out later from my oldest son that while we were away we had several children who thought it would be great fun to break all of mommy and daddy's rules! Apparently, they were playing ball in the house, running like wild children through the living room and kitchen amongst other stuff. Ummm, that didn't sit well with me! LOL! So.....these children were given jobs to do yesterday after church. The one child (I won't mention names) worked on his job pretty much all day long. He was able to eat lunch, have a quiet time break, and then back to work until supper. Actually, to be honest, he would have been done sooner but said child confused work with playtime and thus was at it a l-o-n-g time! LOL! He finally finished up right at dusk. Hopefully, they will remember next time how to act appropriately when someone is watching them. Sorry grandma and grandpa that you were exposed to the wild animals on Saturday. I promise, next time they will be tame!!!! :)

And finally, Impressed:
I'm really not a gift person. Seriously. I'm a word person, meaning a homemade card with heartfelt sentiments gets me crying every time. My guys know that and what might seem simple to others is so special to me. A journal with little notes of encouragement and love at the top of the pages is one of my favorite gifts of all time given to me by Ryan when he was just a wee boy of 13! Anyways, I digress.....LOL! So imagine my surprise when yesterday I was given an incredible unexpected gift......the miracle of LIFE!

Remember our bunny Marshmallow that Zack surprised the little's with last Easter? Well...she became a mommy yesterday!! I had no idea she was expecting! LOL! I went to feed and water them and I saw the wood chips moving. Zack came and inspected and found SIX baby bunnies buried down in. Awww! They are so cute. I've never had baby bunnies before so I'm pretty stoked. LOL! 
So God really wooed me this weekend. He knows how to get to my and babies!!! LOL!


Stephanie said...

Oh my...lots of bunnies! Makes me remember the time our cat had a single kitten and we had no idea she was expecting.