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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm a little bit of sunshine....

Sunshine Award

At least my buddy Dana thinks so! She just awarded me this Sunshine Award. How cool is that?! Here are the rules:
1. Post picture on your blog or in your post. 
2. Link to the person who gave you the award. 
3. Spread the sunshine to 12 blogs.

1. My dear friend Tereasa is an amazing woman of God. She always has a positive, upbeat spirit despite living with chronic pain for years. She and her husband are in the process of stepping out in faith, yet again, to move across country and fulfill one of their dreams. You go girl!! 

2. Steffany is one of those get 'er done women. :) I believe we may have been separated at birth (LOL!) because we both are visionaries desiring everything God has for us in our lives. She has some big dreams that are all about reaching out, serving and bettering people's lives. She has a tenacity I truly admire!

3. Christine has been blessed over and over again with precious children. I do believe God really trusts her and her husband alot to keep calling them to raise up His children and they are faithfully doing that. She has such a gentle spirit about her and such an ability to connect and teach with love.

4. Neecee is a new found friend and I am really enjoying reading all about her and her beautiful family. We share some of the same issues with having a child with RAD but she handles it with such grace and much more patience than I do. I love her transparency and can see God all over her!

5. Tina was an old (technically, not physically LOL!) in real life friend that I've recently met up with again and I am enjoying every moment reading her blog. She is a woman with spiritual depth and insight who loves God with all she is. She and her husband were the pastors of the first church Sean and I attended as a married couple. They were also there one late night when Sean finally gave his heart to Jesus and we were both baptized together. I could go on and on about how this woman, her husband and their children touched our lives in countless ways then and she continues to bless me richly now. Thank you Tina! I love you!!

6. Debbie has walked some very dark roads in her long quest to be a mommy. God has graciously blessed her and her husband with a beautiful princess, Isabella. I've so enjoyed watching Izzy and Debbie grow. I keep begging her to move up our way so we can hang out together!  I just know Nolan and Izzy would adore each other! LOL! 

7. Stephanie is a mommy awaiting the arrival of her precious daughter from Ghana. I'm gonna tell you this woman is the most steadfast, faith-filled woman of God! Her pathway through adoption has been unendingly long and yet even though she may be down her posts are always filled with faith and hope. She is such a blessing to me and many others! Keep on keeping on Stephanie! We are praying for Mercy and your family. 

8. Beth is such a hoot! Seriously, she makes me laugh every time I visit her.  She is the epitome of sunshine so she definitely deserves this award!!

I know it's only eight but life calls and I must go. Please check out these wonderful blogs. You will be so blessed, I promise! After all, these ladies are spreading some sunshine and after all this cold winter weather,  sunshine always feels so good!!! :)


Tereasa said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks Lisa. This award is very sweet. I will try to get to posting it soon.

Sadly, I am not feeling very sunshiny today. I am about to post all about it.

Tereasa said...

Thanks for the prayers. Don't apologize for minimalizing my symptoms. I did the same thing. I just couldn't understand how moving could make me so freakishly tired.

I am not really mad at my doctor. I believe doctors are influenced by pharmaceutical companies, but I don't believe they are evil. Easily persuaded,yes, which obviously is also what I am. I just hope I can get off of this stuff! I am more mad at myself than anyone or anything else. I took two pills four hours ago and have not had any brain zaps in several hours. I still feel fatigue, but it is the end of the day. I hope to feel better tomorrow. Then I can get on with enjoying life again!

NeeCee said...

That is the sweetest thing, thank you. You made me weep this morning when I read it. I'm on the way to the hospital to take care of my mom, but I will post this on my blog tonight when I get home.

Thank you again for your sweet words.

steffany said...

oh sweet sweet friend.
I needed this. I thank you. If I know probably prayed for God to help you decide:)
I feel lately as if my sunshine has become the rays that shine through a massive storm.
You my dear are sunshine and are ever deserving of this award.