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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Happening Again...

Another son is driving! How can this be?! I am NOT that old! LOL! Ryan has become our chauffeur- happily going away with us just so he can drive.  He spent most of the day digging out his vehicle. It was COMPLETELY covered by our last snow storm! Then much to his dismay, he heard they are predicting more snow tonight. GEESH! You'd think it's winter or something. :)

I've been thinking that after Ryan graduates and moves on with life, we won't have a young driver again for 9 years!! Then it will be steady chauffeuring for many years straight in a row. LOL!

"on the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again"....Ryan's new theme song. LOL!

So if you see a hunking big Suburban full of little's, a terrified mom in the passenger seat (just kidding Ryan!), and a handsome young man behind the wheel, give us a honk and we'll be sure to wave. (Not Ryan though because he should ALWAYS have both hands on the wheel!) :)


Beth E. said...

I never liked this part of my sons' scared me half to death! My husband has always been a much better front-seat passenger with our boys than I. I'm the one who's gripping the dashboard, bug-eyed, screaming, "Slow downnnn!" ;-)

Charity said...

Ohh ok...I wondered why Ryan randomly showed up to youth tonight. I'll have to congratulate him next time I see him. We love having him!

Dana said...

Scary times! lol!

I just wanted to let you know I referenced you in a blog I wrote. I couldnt remember where I read it on your blog, but Im pretty sure somewhere you wrote about adopting even though it doesnt seem possible. If you didnt write that anywhere... sorry!! My mind must be slipping!!!