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Monday, February 1, 2010

What's Your Excuse?....

Amy, from just posted another outstanding, thought-provoking, heart-grabbing, TRUTH-telling, post on her blog.

I was going to copy it here but Sean's virus-infected computer is NOT cooperating. Please go read it. Please. It's that important!

Maybe God is speaking to you but your excuses keep coming hard and fast. Today, during Bible time the little's and I were reading about Moses. When God called him to go to Egypt and free the Israelites he made excuse, after excuse after excuse as to why he wasn't the "right" man for the job. At one point, it says God became angry with Moses because of all the excuses he kept making. It made me think....what excuses do I keep throwing out to God? And why?! I mean, c'mon Lisa, it really all boils down to two and obey! If God is calling me to do something or go somewhere than I need to TRUST Him that He has the best plans for me and then OBEY Him. After all, that is what we teach our children. We told them there are two and obey! That's it! Those two things encompass every area. However, Sean and I need to set the right example for them and we in turn need to be trusting and obeying our Father God wherever He leads us and whatever He calls us to do. Oh, and yeah, one more caveat....we must do this with a HAPPY HEART! That my friends, is often where I get cinched. I'll do it but I'm going to make sure you know I'm NOT happy. LOL!

We are all works in progress and I'm thankful that He keeps calling me, keeps asking me to go and do even when I am terribly stubborn and throwing out excuses like candy! He is so good to me!

So how about it friends....what's your excuse? Are you willing to trust and obey Him? Are you willing to lay down your wants, desires and goals for His? Are you willing to empty yourself of you to make more room for Him? I promise you, He has good plans for you! C'mon saddle up, hold on and take the ride of a lifetime. Christianity + Obedience = ADVENTURE. Are you ready to step out of that comfort zone? Are you ready to really make a difference in this big 'ole world? All it takes is one step. He will meet you there and is faithful every step of this amazing, thrilling, knuckle-whitening, fingernail chewing, breath holding, abundant blessings, overflowing joy-filled, GOD adventure!!!


Beth E. said...

Amen! What a powerful post, Lisa...thank you!

Debbie B said...

Excellent post. We're about to embark on a great adventure in our family. We'll be moving this year to some place most likely away from family and our supportive friends here. And we'll start the process to become foster parents which I know at least one family member will not be supportive of. But when God says go and do we have to obey.
I often wonder if our delay to start the next adoption due to finances is just an excuse or wisdom. Depends on the day for me I suppose.

Karin said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog--and for your prayers for our family. I am so blessed and touched by that! Thank you.