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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Am Not Surprised....

I am not surprised that Kyalynn has been having an off week this week and is really wearing me down.

I am not surprised that I can't seem to stay focused on the gazillion things that need accomplished in a day.

I am not surprised that we haven't been able to sell our first batch of baby bunnies and have already been hit with a second batch of babies! (I know the saying "breed like rabbits" but had no idea she could conceive the same day she gave birth!!) 

 Mama Mia

I am not surprised that it seems like one thing after another keeps happening. 

I am not surprised that the hospital is fighting the insurance company over Zachary's tests done the day he was in a head-on collision. (Back in December!)

I am not surprised.......

Why am I not surprised? Because we knew this would happen. Yesterday we mailed out letters to begin fundraising for another adoption and s*tan is NOT happy.  He will try everything and anything to prevent another child from being placed into a Christian home and having the opportunity to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 
We aren't discouraged, in fact, we are EXCITED because we know we are on the right path! Adoption is a Spiritual act. After all, adoption is the heartbeat of God! Adoption encompasses each part, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical of ourselves. However, how God uses adoption to change a life of a child/ren and ultimately, how it changes you is the best part. (In my humble opinion.) 
Knowing that God chose these children for our family before even the foundations of the world were created is so humbling and faith building! Watching our little ones grow, learn and become is the MOST rewarding job ever! 
We are humbled to walk this path again and eagerly look forward to the next blessing(s) He has already ordained for our family!!


Beth E. said...

May God form a hedge of protection around your household, in the name of Jesus!

Praying that every detail will be worked out...that funds will be quickly raised...that God will handle all of the red tape...and that you will quickly have another beautiful child added to your wonderful, loving family!

His Hands His Feet Today said...


Salzwedel Family said...

Glory, glory, hallelujah!!!! Yay!!!!

Acceptance with Joy said...


Praying for your guys... God bless.

Dana said...

OH!! COngrats!! That is so awesome (the adoption part, lol!)!! So excited for you guys.... that just rocks!
I will be praying for protection and for peace for you guys!! :o)

Tereasa said...

Girl, we gotta talk! I miss ya sooo much and now I am sooo happy for ya!!!! Give me a call. will ya?

Debbie B said...

Boy do I understand this. Just when we think things are getting better ... something happens. Some attack. Praying that the attacks stay to a minimum while you are on this journey to bring this little guy home.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So true!

When we adopted 3 siblings from Africa ... the enemy stepped up his attacks on our family.

A year later when we pursued a career change to full-time ministry ... the attacks got much worse.

We have had a TOUGH year ... but Our Lord has been faithful to walk with us, each step of the way.

Keep TRUSTING ... Keep walking with HIM ...

Laurel :)