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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing Of the Green...

My sweet little Leprechauns dressed in their obligatory green. :)

We are not Irish but wanting to create as many happy memories as possible this has always been a day of celebration in our home since the oldest were very young. I have oodles of pictures through the years of Zachary and Ryan eating green food, wearing shamrocks, and reading all about St. Patrick. We always start the day with green eggs (see above) and below you will see each child's response. 

Gabriella not enjoying her green eggs and ham! LOL! She was allowed to pass on the eggs and have cereal and that made her happy. 

Connor gave his green eggs a thumbs up and a "can I have more mom?"

Nolan wasn't the least bit bothered by the color and couldn't get them into his mouth fast enough! 

Kyalynn didn't respond one way or another. When she first saw the eggs she did say "oh, what color? They're  green!" LOL! 

We followed the tasty breakfast with a reading of 
one of our favorite books. It just seemed to tie in so well. LOL! 
They also watched Lyle the Friendly Viking from Veggie Tales which talks about
St. Patrick. 

Last night as I was buzzing around trying to accomplish some things while Sean put the kids down for bed Connor was quick to remind me that today would be St. Patty's Day. They might not get the importance of it yet but they know that this day means everything green and look forward to it. Zachary will be partaking of his first corned beef and cabbage tonight at Ericka's house. Honestly, I'd rather have the green eggs! LOL! (I'm not much of a meat person)
 So, here's to a wonderfully green day to you....
Happy St. Patty's Day!!!


Debbie B said...

Priceless expressions!