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Friday, April 23, 2010

Because Every Mother Matters...

I am honored to know Steffany. She has blessed many people with her generous heart and spirit and continues to stretch and grow for God in so many ways. I can't say enough positive things about this woman, her family and her endless pursuit to better the world, one person at a time. Will you join her? Can you help? Because...Every Mother Matters!!

BEMM has their first big project. A maternity clinic in the country I love..Ethiopia.Our goal is to raise at least 5k by Mother's Day...That would be a quarter to our goal. My marketing plan?
I have no plan....It is simple. We need money. The mothers who are biting off their babies umbilical chords need money. Without money Gedese's baby Christiana would be dead..She would be dead....Even with money takes action. A simple act of kindness. To give without expecting anything in return. Sometimes we don't have money..but we all have something to give. Our voice. Our love. Our heart. Please help me spread the word of BEMM.

We have no trinkets to sell.

 We have nothing that you can purchase to give to your mothers or women of importance in your life on Mother's Day.
 All we have is a vision. 
A vision of a holistic maternity and infant development center to be built half way around the a village probably not big enough to be on a map.
 Because- it is not okay that 1 in 11 women in E.Africa dies due to pregnancy related causes. 
What do we need? 
Simply-We need money. 
What can we offer this Mother's Day?
 And the assurance that 100% of your donations go towards building the clinic.
 There are 3 fridays left until Mother's day. 
We are asking 3 things. 
1. Every friday donate $10 that is a total of $30.
 2. On fri. make this your status and provide a link or address to donate. 
3.Please let your mom, your friend, your wife, your daughter know that THEY MATTER!

Donate Here