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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

God's Baby Shower...

I don't know why I am still amazed at how God works and moves. He never fails to astound me. Since learning of our sweet son we have been on a high-speed paper chase and hope to fly out to meet him this Thursday! The days are just dragging on but soon, oh so soon, he will be in my arms FOREVER!! Yeah God!

Sean and I were talking about how we should have kept all the baby stuff we had from Nolan but thinking our family was completed we had shared it with others. I'm not much for storing and saving. If someone else can use it than I choose to share it instead of hoard it. Makes life less cluttered that way and boy does it feel good on the heart too. :)
Anyhow, we are basically starting from ground zero again. Sean, the little's and I were driving to a friend of a friends' house to pick up some baby clothes and we were talking (ok, ok, I might have been complaining a wee little bit) about all the items that we needed and how a baby shower would be so nice. We pulled into her driveway and her front porch was loaded up with stuff for us. Clothes, bouncy chair, play pen, blankets, hats, socks, lotion, baby wash, baby shampoo and baby wipes! Sean hands me a bag of stuff and says "hey Lisa, looks like God gave you a baby shower." And so He did! That's not the end of it either. He just keeps on giving and blessing us. Last night, I was given a bassinet! I had just told this lady about how God brought Samuel to us and she said "do you want a bassinet?" She proceeded to tell me that just last week she had moved her baby to the crib and was thinking of listing the bassinet for sale in the newspaper or a consignment shop but felt like something was holding her back. The bassinet was purchased brand new and only used for 3 months and honestly, I'm sure they could sell if for a nice price, it is a really fancy one. She said "now I know why I couldn't sell it, I am supposed to give it to you." Talk about blow me away! So Samuel will be sleeping in not only comfort but style too. LOL! 
Isn't this just like God?! He doesn't just bless us, He BLESSES us abundantly, more than we could ask or think! 

I can't wait to tell Samuel all that God has done to bring him home.
 I can't wait to tell Samuel how God has moved some pretty incredible mountains to put him in our family.
 I can't wait to tell Samuel how much he is loved and wanted.
 I can't wait to whisper words of life and hope into his tiny ear.
I can't wait to encourage him to be all God created him to be.
I can't wait to speak Psalms 139 over him as he sleeps in my arms.
You see...
 no longer will Samuel be known as "unwanted"
 from now on he will be known as "chosen and dearly loved!" 

There are so many, too many, precious ones still waiting for someone to choose them, someone to love them.
Could they be waiting for you? 
Each and every child, no matter their race, their history, their age or their need deserves a chance, deserves a family.

We are so thankful that God has called us on this journey again. So humbled that He chose us to parent another treasure for His honor and glory. So excited watching God move and work. So blessed to add another son to our family! 
Yeah God!! 


Donna said...

Praise God for His blessings! I have learned to stop saying that I am finished adding to my family. God always has the last word!

Beth E. said...

I love it when God moves in such a mighty way!

Praising Him for His faithfulness and provision.

I'm so excited for Samuel to come HOME to you!

Debbie B said...

That is awesome! What a way to welcome him home with a home full of blessings just for him.
I love being able to bless people with baby things. I'd waited so long to be able to have the opportunity it's so much fun.