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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heavy Heart....

I'm feeling it tonight. Feeling all the pain of this broken world. There are so many hurting and needy. So many desperate for a touch from God. Brothers and Sisters in Christ fighting the battle of their lives. My heart is hurting for them. I want to reach out to them, hug them, encourage them, love them with the love of Christ. All I can do is pray. Why does that not sound like enough? Why does it seem like that's the last course of action? In all actuality it should be the first thing and is always the BEST thing we can do!

I find myself throughout the day and alot of the night sending up prayers of praise and petition. Lifting up these needs heavy on my heart. Dear prayer warriors would you join me? Below is a list of people in need of the Father's touch. I will list their websites if applicable and I'm sure a comment of encouragement would be greatly appreciated by these families. Share His love and please help carry their burdens by interceding on their behalf.

** Chrissie has been in the fight of her life. This sweet little Serbian Sensation has undergone heart surgery and having her chest opened and reopened many times for various reasons in the last few days. She, and her family, are in desperate need of prayers. Prayers for strength, healing, peace, wisdom and a miracle. Please, please pray.

**Abby Riggs immune system is down, way down. She is fighting with all that is within her against the evil enemy of leukemia. She is tired. Her family is tired and they are all ready to get off this never-ending roller coaster of sickness. Please pray for God to eradicate all the cancer cells from her body and restore her to perfect health, in Jesus' name.

**Adeye is a woman of remarkable strength. She has just returned from 4 long, hard weeks in the Ukraine waiting to adopt her two precious girls. She was there alone while her family waited here at home. After an endless wait to go to court she was told that she was approved to adopt these girls but that it would be at least another 3 weeks before she could bring them home. She made the heartwrenching decision to come back to the states and wait it out, with her family. I can't even begin to imagine the agony she felt boarding that train to head home, without her girls. Again, I say this woman is remarkable. Not because of anything she does but because of the God she serves, whole heartedly and passionately. Please pray for her two daughters in Ukraine, Hailee and Harper, and pray for God's protecting hand upon them as they wait to finally come home!

**Laurel and her younger children are at one house while hubby and some of the other children are at another house until their current home sells. Please pray for God to bring the right family to buy their home and quickly so they can all be together under the same roof again.

**Debbie and her family are preparing for a big move thousands of miles away from their family and friends. There is always much stress involved with packing and moving but throw in leaving behind so many people you love and it can bring you to your knees. Please pray for safety as they travel and for instantaneous friendships to blossom and grow deep in this new area.

**Steffany has such a full plate but always finds time to do more for God. She totally amazes me! Anyhow, please pray for their family and for Steffany and Adam as they navigate all the areas of their lives.

**Stephanie has been home a short while with her precious Mercy who was adopted from Ghana. Adoption is a beautiful thing but boy is it hard! Please pray for their family as they transition into a family of 6 and for Mercy as she learns a new culture, language and foods. 

**Elisabeth is a new friend. She had a pivotal part to play in us finding Samuel so she is dear to my heart. Her sweet boy will be having open heart surgery in June. Please keep their family in prayer as they prepare for this and for him to be kept healthy during the wait.

**Baby I is a miracle boy! He just had surgery for his tear duct openings again. Bless his little heart, prayers for quick healing and for this to work would be greatly appreciated!

**The Wright Family as they battle the enemy. This family are mighty warriors in the Kingdom and of course the evil one doesn't like that one bit. Please pray for protection and blessings upon them.

**My dear friend is dealing with some very scary stuff with her adopted son. Anyone who has been there knows how desperately prayer is needed. Please pray for this family, I know I'm not listing the name but God knows who they are and what they need.

**My precious friend Tanya is going thru a very difficult time right now. My heart is breaking for her as I watch her navigating a divorce and becoming a single mom of 3 again. Oh how she needs the Father to lead her and provide for her. If you feel led I'd be ever so grateful if you lifted her and her girls up to the Father.

Thank you for praying. May God be glorified in each of these situations.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Thank you sooo much for lifting us up in prayer! It means soo much to us as a family. We too are praying for these wonderful families! Praying health and healing. You have an amazing heart!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks also, for the prayers. I am Bloggy Friends (or even real life friends) with almost all of the prayer needs listed. LOVE the connection that the Lord has made through these crazy things called blogs.

Laurel :)

somebody said...