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The Kids Meet and Greet....

Please ignore the snowman jammies but we didn't arrive home until 3:30 AM and the little's were so anxious very early the next morning to meet their new brother that I just rolled with it. LOL!

Ryan enjoying the bounty!!

Zachary loving this newest addition.

Nolan wasn't so sure about this wee little guy. At first he kept his distance and acted really angry with me for turning his world upside down. LOL! But not too long later he was eager to hold baby Sam and help feed him too.

Nolan steals a kiss. :)


Nolan's first bath

I thought this was funny, it's like they are tag teaming feeding Samuel. LOL!
Notice Kyalynn who is never far from Samuel's side. She walks around saying "hi sister" because that's what she thinks Samuel is saying to her. :)

 We are enjoying being a family of 9. More chaos, more noise, more energy expelled, more to manage but oh  goodness gracious, the love. The overwhelming, abundant, overflowing amounts of love that God has blessed us with in these precious, precious children. We are indeed blessed beyond measure!!!

And just one's funny all the negative comments we have gotten about our adopting again. I mean seriously. People just feel they have every right to tell us how many children to have and when we should be done. Go figure! I'm not going to lie, when the comments are being hurled at us from family or friends it stings. I get hurt and angry. I don't understand how people can't be happy about another orphan finding a home, especially a home where they will learn about Jesus and have the opportunity to impact others for Him. But then I realize that I can't change their minds, their opinions or their prejudices.

 Only God can. 

Sean and I are astounded that God has blessed us over and over again with these treasures.

 We are not exceptional people. 
We are not excellent parents.
 We don't have it all together.
 We mess up...alot.

 When I think about how different our lives would be, how different our children's lives would be had we listened to the nay sayers it makes me shudder. "They" might not approve, "they" might talk behind our backs, "they" may shake their heads at us but honestly, "they" are the ones missing out!!

 What we do, we do it for the Glory of God. ALL of it is for HIM! 

We see each of our children, biological and adopted, as a blessing, a true gift from the very hand of God.
Those nay sayers are missing out on the good life. You know, that life of adventure you acquire when you say YES to God! 
The good life is not about things,
 the good life is about people. 

Those you have helped, encouraged, blessed, loved, served, laughed with, cried with, struggled with, mourned with, and shared Christ with. 

Yep, I'm sure and certain that we can answer with absolute sincerity that here in our home we are living the good life!!
We wouldn't want it any other way.....

Oh and if you are itching to know how many more kids are we going to have, or are we done yet I'll just say ask our Father. We are just along for this amazing, breath-taking, wonderful ride. 
Woo Hoo, hanging on to Him and having an absolute BLAST!!!!


Shonni said…
Ohhh, such a beautiful baby and family. How wonderful that another little one has come home!!! We have received our fair share of negative comments and just like you said, it hurts worse when it is family and close friends who don't seem to understand.
NeeCee said…
I guess I'm one of those nutty few who think babies are wonderful! I get excited any time anyone tells me they are adding to their family. I'm overjoyed that Samuel is in his new family and how blessed you all will be together.

I say, ignore the others and just rejoice with those that are happy for you.
Sandy said…
I think what you and Sean do is remarkable and I admire you my friend. You are blessing so many peoples lives by what you do and witnessing to others that you don't even realize. Much love had hugs!!
I love your amazing family!!!!! I LOVE THIS POST- hmmmmm sounds sooo familiar!!!!!
Mama D.'s Dozen said…
Great post! And Beautiful family!!!

Keep walking the walk that Our Lord has for you, even if/when no one else understands. We are called to go wherever He has called us, regardless of the popularity of our decisions in the world's eyes.

We added 3 from Ghana ... after we already had 10 bio. Oh my! No one could understand why. But, we just did what God called us to do. We didn't even try to explain it to ourselves.

Laurel :)
Tina said…
I have tears in my eyes reading about your lovely growing family! I'm sorry that you have received negative comments about your personal choices. God bless you and people like you. We are all adoptive children. God didn't stop a certain number, how should someone judge another, when you are providing a better life and nuturing another individual that more than likely would never grow up to love the Lord and serve Him.

Love you and LOVE all the pictures and your blog.

Sweet dear sister, You are an amazing Christian woman and I'm honored to call you friend.

Hugs to Sean and the entire family.

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