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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss G is FINALLY Five...

Gabriella has been counting down to this day for months, months I tell you. It is so hard when all the birthdays are in the fall and winter and you have to keep waiting for yours to roll around. Up until last week, Gabriella was the only member of our family with a spring birthday. She has been placing a Minnie Mouse sticker on her countdown sheet every morning for over a month. She chose coconut cake which surprised me but we whipped up a GFCF one in no time and it was very, very good. However, my artwork of a Minnie Mouse did not pass muster. LOL! Gabriella took one look at it and said "where's her dress? Where's her bow?" so I headed to the computer, downloaded a picture and pasted it on top of my defective Minnie. I'm telling you, I do pretty good at decorating my kids' cakes each time but maybe it's the lack of sleep or what I call Baby Brain that this one was a bomb. Oh well,  there's plenty of other chances yet this year to hone my birthday creating craft. LOL!

Below is one of the priceless pictures we were sent of Gabriella while she was in Korea waiting to come home. We oohed and aahed over her and couldn't wait to get our hands on her. Now, looking back I can see her spunk in her pictures. Her 'tude of don't mess with me. LOL! Even though she is a tiny little thing she still sports that 'tude and we have to laugh. 

She of course has her own style and anything frilly, prissy or girly is a definite plus for her. LOL!

And just so it doesn't seem like we are perfect around here I'll be honest and say the last couple of days have been a real struggle. We were only gone 2 full days to go pick up Samuel but those 2 days caused my children with attachment issues to pull back and in and now we are working hard to rebuild those bridges. It will come, slowly but surely but boy does it make the days a bit...ummm.....tougher. 

Anyhow, today we celebrate God's exceptionally good gifts of a beautiful daughter, five years of life, and all that HE has in store for her future. 

My precious Gabriella, you are stronger and braver than most people I know. It is my honor to be your mommy. I treasure each day with you and know that God has big plans for your life.
You shine girl, you shine!!!
I love you with all my heart....momma