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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quite A Pickle...

Last night was indeed overwhelming for me. Little Samuel's only preference for a bed is momma's arms and so after trial and error most nights you will find me on the living room couch holding sweet babe. I know what you are going to say....he's spoiled, he needs to be in a crib, you are only hurting yourself by holding him, blah, blah, blah. LOL! But the way I see it is that this precious boy did not have a nurturing environment in the womb and then waited 3 weeks to be held and loved in his mommy's arms so I can be inconvenienced for awhile until his love tank is full. But I digress, the point of this post is the pickle.

So, little Sam and I were hanging out on the couch trying desperately to catch some zzz's when from upstairs I hear Kyalynn bellowing she needs to potty. I wait for a bit thinking Sean will hear her and I won't have to get up but that didn't happen. So we trudge up the steps, take Kyalynn to the potty and then send her back to bed. Just as we get comfortable on the couch I hear the sounds of little feet pattering across the floor and then a door slam closed. This happened not once but several times until I finally bellowed up the steps for her to get in her bed and go to sleep! Kyalynn doesn't need much sleep and has no concept that others might need sleep so she should be quiet. The only time this girl is quiet is when she's sleeping! LOL! And because of her severe hearing loss when she talks it is VERY loud, which is never good in the wee hours of the night when you are trying to keep everyone else asleep. Kyalynn then begins saying "oh I got a boo boo" over and over and over again. So being the wonderful, loving mom I am, I yell a prayer up the steps to her and tell her to go to sleep. Who am I fooling? This girl will not be deterred and Sean is in dreamland so Sam and I trudge back upstairs to see Kyalynn's boo boo so she will FINALLY go back to sleep. My sweet, sweet girl. I feel so bad now knowing I was more concerned about my sleep than her needs. It turns out Kyalynn had a stomachache. She kept telling me she had "a boo boo in her belly". Then she'd say "say a prayer, oh boo boo".  She even asked me for a bandaid for her boo boo belly. Aww :(  So we prayed together and then I took Samuel over to Sean so I could lay with Kyalynn and comfort her. She was in alot of pain and whimpered and cried for a while. Then Sean came over and she settled down quickly. She adores her daddy and his presence gave her enough peace to try and go back to sleep. Just as Sean came into her room and I told him what was going on Samuel began screaming from the other room. This wouldn't be a big deal however, Samuel sleeps (HA!) in a bassinet in our bedroom and Nolan sleeps in his crib in our bedroom too. So...I had to move quickly to get Samuel or else Nolan would be awakened too. Nothing like a bunch of little's awake in the wee hours of the morning. NOT!! When Sam and I finally resumed our position on the couch I couldn't sleep anyway. I laid there and thought about my Kyalynn. She has been home now 6 years with us and this is the very FIRST time she ever said she had a stomachache. Does that mean she never had one before? No. It just means she was never able to tell us before. This jewel of a little girl has had to suffer through tummy aches because she could never express to us what she was feeling before. How sad is that?! Yet, the exciting thing is that now she can!! She was able to connect the thoughts and feelings in her brain and then figured out a way to express her pain to us. Rudimentary it may be, but it worked! We were able to comfort her, pray for her and be there with her. It again reminded us that this girl is a fighter, a survivor, a conqueror and she continues to press on, little bit by little bit to make progress we never thought possible. So the pickle was that I had to figure out how to take care of Samuel and Kyalynn when they both had big needs to be filled at the same time. God always meets me where I am and walks me through to the other side. He is so good like that! This pickle could have turned out sour like a dill but thankfully, it turned out much sweeter, like Bread and Butter!

My analogy may be a tad odd but what do you expect from a woman who is only getting at best 4 hours of sleep a night?! LOL!

Thank you Father God for always showing us shafts of light even during dark times. Although we didn't want Kyalynn to be in pain because she was, we were able to see how far she's come in communicating with us. Such a sweet gift and for that we are thankful. In Your name, Amen.


Beth E. said...

Bless your hearts! Praying for a restful night for ALL tonight. :-)

Tereasa said...

Just checking in.... My little guy had to be held a lot, too. I eventually let him cry, no scream it out. Looking back, you are making the better choice. Maybe K needs to sleep next to you on the couch when she wakes up.

I am at the library trying to type this while Bam-Bam "sits" in my lap. Forgive me as my arm falls asleep..... :P