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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This weekend as I was watering our chickens the big, bad rooster, Cocky Locky, decided he wanted a piece of me. He got my hand and as I moved backwards (while screaming at the top of my lungs!) he followed me and fluffed himself up and prepared to get his spurs into my legs. Holy Thunder I was SCARED! I kept screaming and screaming until FINALLY Ryan came running to me. By the time he got there I was crying and bless his heart he hates it when I cry. LOL! Sean and Ryan's friend proceeded to shoo the rooster away and then I could breathe again...well almost. :) 

The guys told me I could be in a horror movie with my screaming capabilities. LOL!
 I say, what in the world took you all so long to get here?! :)

So poor Cocky Locky met his doom. Although I like animals, I could just not take a chance that the little's could possibly have the same confrontation with the mean beast. And ya know, the hens seem much happier too! Like I said, he was a mean beast, and had each of them plucked bald in spots. When I first got the chickens I wanted to make a sign that read "Lisa's Happy Hens" to hang on their coop but never did mainly because my family thought I was a bit "touched." LOL!  But it seems I could get away with it now because I truly have me some "Happy Hens!" LOL!