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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Pics Take 2....

We awoke one morning to the weather being cool and dreary so we decided to head out to the State Park and visit the alligators! The kids were SO excited. Ok, ok, so was I. LOL! I had to keep counting my kids to make sure they were all there and none were eaten. :)

This one is on a tiny island. Can you see him?

Ryan, always the photographer, deciding if he wants to go in closer for a better shot. 

THIS is what he was looking at. Don't know about you but way would I get any closer. I'm thinking a Zoom lens would be a good thing right about now. LOL!

My boy HATES being photographed. Seriously. He loves to be on the other side of the camera. So I couldn't resist sneaking some pics of him. Notice here he is on the other side of the fence, again, trying to get too close to the creatures. That's my boy! :)

What?! There's no signs saying I can't go down there.

We were able to see quite a few alligators and tons and tons of fiddler crabs and oysters. The park had a very nice Nature Center and I could have stayed there longer looking around but the rest of the fam was ready to GO! We should have visited the Nature Center last then momma could have lingered as long as she wanted. :) Oh well, next time.

Then we went back to the beach and the kids found their favorite puddle to play in. It was perfect! We didn't have to hold hands, rescue kids from the waves, chase kids constantly from the deeper water, etc. Since we have 3 kids who LOVE the water (Kyalynn, Connor and Nolan) but have no fear of it we were concerned about staying sane while we were here but it all worked out wonderfully. Thank you Lord! You knew we needed a teeny break. :)

Did I mention it was cold? Um, yeah. The sun was out here and there but with the wind blowing and the water being so bitter it was downright COLD! LOL! But the little's braved it again and again. Here two of them needed some warming-up time. Aren't they just the cutest little babes you've ever seen?! :)

Connor would be freezing, shivering, his lips turning blue but that didn't stop him. Notice how cold he is? That is the frozen smile. LOL!

My girl. Just beautiful! 
As a side note....most of my girls clothes (ok, ok, ALL of my girls clothes!) have been handed down to me from my dearest friend, Tanya. Her daughter is only 5 but Kyalynn and Gabriella wear her clothes and sometimes for 2 years! She's not a giant but our girls are very tiny. Here Kyalynn is sportin' a bikini that is a size 6 and it was too big on her. She's 7 years old! LOL!

I LOVE, LOVE this picture of Gabriella. Pure, absolute joy is shown in her face. 

Here's my dad enjoying the shade. LOL!

And where was Samuel during all of this? Attached to his momma's hip! He spent most of his days in the sling sleeping the sights away. :)

I know, I know. You are all jealous that I have these beautiful faces to wake up to everyday. LOL! Look at that little rockstar! So, so cute!


The End!