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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bustin' My Chops...

Last weekend Sean's parents graciously watched the little's for a couple hours so we could have some time away. THANK YOU!! Ryan tagged along with us and we enjoyed the time together. We ended up at the Christian Book Store (one of my favorite places to sight see. LOL! I just look but if Sean's along he usually finds something to buy which usually works to my favor. LOL!) So, he told me I could buy something for my belated Mother's Day gift. (He spoils me!) I've been feeling like I needed a book, a devotional something to help fuel my deeper spiritual growth but mainly to excavate and remove some deep seeded weeds in my heart. I looked and looked and looked. By the time Sean joined me I had a stack of books to choose from. He began reading the backs and saying "this one looks good", etc. When I narrowed it down to just one book he was walking to go pay when my eyes hit upon a book I hadn't seen. Just the title drew me in. I picked it up and within the first sentence on the back I knew this was THE book I needed to read. Although Sean and Ryan tried to talk me out of another deep/heavy book and felt I should read something light and carefree I knew I had found my prize! I don't mind the light fiction books occasionally but I gravitate to the better yourself, deeper intimacy with God books. :)

Here it is:
A book/journal focusing on what it means to live for christ by daily dying to self. for 40 days, the reader will fast from the world to feast on god.

I'm telling ya this book has had me on my knees...alot! Good stuff! Really, really good stuff! I so want to die to myself and live for HIM totally and completely. God has been doing some amazing healing in me through this book and the excavation process has been intense and incredibly painful at times but oh, the feeling of freedom that is coming makes it SO worth it! So thankful for a God that doesn't leave me as I am but lovingly calls me to a higher place and for a husband that supports and encourages my growth every step of the way!!