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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Our dear Ericka blessed us with free tickets to a local zoo. It is a zoo we haven't been to in many years because of the high entrance fees. Normally we drive 2 hours to go to the Washington Zoo which is HUGE and wonderful so this was a welcome change for us. 

The day wasn't too hot and we enjoyed all the animals. The big favorite was the venomous snakes exhibit and the giant Tortoise (Kyalynn's favorite!)

It was nice to have Ryan with us this time. He hates the zoo (probably because I've dragged him there too many times to count! LOL!) but he had a free day yesterday and joined in. Yeah!

Nolan was funny. He'd say "what's that?" wanting to know each animals name. :)

At one point the monkeys had just been fed and were running pell mell through their cage screeching and jumping on each other. I told Sean and Ryan, "hey, reminds you of home doesn't it?" LOL!

Thanks again Ericka for thinking of us and blessing us with a fun day. We love you!!!