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Monday, June 14, 2010


Happy Gotcha Day Connor!

As we sat at lunch daddy and mommy told you your story again and we relived those first moments, days, weeks and months with you. You were transfixed listening to your story. Although you've heard it many, many times (and can tell it yourself!) you still love to hear it. This will be another moment cemented into my laughing, giggling and begging to hear your story again. It's so amazing to me how God can bring together these individuals from very different circumstances and knit them into a family. 
Only God could do that. 

Since you've entered our lives our world has been changed. We have been rocked to our core and found God there. We have found a new level of intimacy in our faith and our marriage due to hanging on with all we have. We have learned what God's love really looks like....unconditional.....and how very hard that is to do, in  our own flesh. We have fallen deeply in love with a boy that due to no fault of his own is deeply damaged and is afraid to let us in.  But because of our love for him we continue to pray and believe that the best is yet to come!!
We love you to infinity and beyond......daddy and momma! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox