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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just small bites from my life...

*Nolan (almost 2 years old) peed in the potty yesterday!!! Woo Hoo!! You go boy!!
*There was a baby rattlesnake in our garden. So not good. :(
*Kyalynn and Connor have both begun speech therapy and I'm so excited to see the progress I know they will make!!
*Busy planning for school next year. Actually they will be off the month of June and then back to the books come July. :)
*Nol-baby is sick. :(  High fever but nothing else at this point.
*Work is very slow for Sean right now. Would appreciate prayers for work to flow in....
*Kyalynn choked on a strawberry last night. She decided instead of chewing she would just swallow the big hummer whole! GEEZ!
*Connor continues to keep us close to God... :)
*Wedding preparations are under way for Zack and Ericka. Only 10 months until the big day!!
*Kyalynn and Gabriella are the flower girls. Won't they be the most adorable ones EVER?!
*Connor and Nolan are ring bearers.  I'm thinking mischief in a tux. LOL!
*I fall into bed (or on the couch every other night with Samuel) EXHAUSTED. LOL!

When I start to rush the kids into growing up I just look at my boy, all grown up and almost out of the nest, and it reminds me, yet again, how fast time flies. Nope, I'll take the sleepless nights, poopy diapers, gooey kisses and warm snuggles for as long as God will allow me. After all, THOSE are the best things in life!! :)


Dana said...

rattlesnake!?!?! HOLY HANNAH! UGH! I always tell myself there are no snakes in our state. Thanks for ruining my self-denial! haha!

Oh, I have been wondering what homeschooling stuff you use... I am in the the process of picking our stuff for Madi next year... I want to start school in July as well. Thanks!! :o)

Beth E. said...

Your last paragraph really touches my heart. Our oldest, Billy, was home for the weekend (he has a summer job out-of-town). He told me he has begun researching...*gulp*...engagement rings!

Seems like I just blinked and my baby boy grew up on me!

A rattlesnake??? Eeek!

Jean said...

I so agree with that last paragraph! How blessed are we!!

Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers for our PA! Can't wait to get our girls!!

Love your blog and your family!!

Debbie B said...

I only have one (for now) and I still fall in bed exhausted. I have to remind myself that she'll only be small for a short time. Makes me snuggle a little closer when I can.

somebody said...