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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let's Rodeo....

Bull_Rider_1.jpgLarge View

Large View

There is a wonderful Christian Ranch about an hour and a half from us that offers free Rodeos on certain Saturdays during the summer. We have been blessed to try and get to one every year for many years now. They offer bullriding, barrel racing, steer roping, trick roping, trick riding, bronco busting, clowns and a message.

So we loaded up our little dogies and headed for the Rodeo. Yee haw!! It was extra special this time because it was a full load. Our oldest boys and their girlfriends and my parents went as well. It was Hot, Hot, Hot and poor Nolan and Kyalynn were sweating buckets but they didn't complain. Bless their hearts. :) After the Rodeo they offer a Chuckwagon Supper which we were going to participate in but after sitting in the hot sun for so long we opted for air conditioning and Mickey D's instead. LOL!

The consensus is that bull riding was the favorite of most of us even though no one made it the eight seconds. :( It was a wonderful day filled with fun together and great memories for a life time which spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T for  me! :)


Dana said...

That sounds super fun!! Where is it? I think Madi would LOVE something like that!!

Sean and Lisa said...

It's in Maryland....River Valley Ranch. :)