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A Plethora of Pictures...

Proof I wasn't kidding about the wild kingdom around here! LOL! That's right folks, that's a deer, a chicken and 2 rabbits eating together. Makes me think of Heaven. :)
The little Mad Scientist.....
The little Mad Scientist and his helper...
Who's under the hat? Cowgirl Kyalynn! :)
Ms. G sportin' her look.
Connor ready to save the day.
Ms. Minnie Mouse (her favorite!)
Visiting grammy's house.
Superboy and his sidekick wonder girl! LOL!
This was Connor's version of a robot. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. :)
Playing in the safety zone.
Nolan helping momma feed and water the animals.


As I mentioned in a previous post, Monroe, is the little boy God used to touch my heart deeply and open it to a deeper level for children with special needs. His soon-to-be family is amazing! If you haven't met the Cornish family yet you don't know what you're missing!

I have placed his button on the top left side of my blog in the "Please Pray" section. Please commit to not only praying for Monroe and the Cornish's but to also help them bring him home. Adoption is a major undertaking in every way, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially. Would you be willing to help ransom this little one? Every little bit helps!

I am so, so thankful that Monroe will have a family! God is so GOOD!!

Funtabulous Friday....

Around here, Fridays are meant for FUN! After a full week of hard work homeschooling and doing life, Friday is an educational fun day, a catch your breath day, a "now I remember why I'm doing this" kind of day! LOL!
So far this year, our Fridays have contained a trip to the zoo, a trip to the local farm, a trip to the pet store, a trip to the park with a picnic, and our latest....a trip to the lake to try kayaking! I am SO happy Ryan is finished working for the summer because that means the opportunity to do these kinds of things becomes infinitely easier for me! He was game and hooked us up by loading the kayak and all necessary supplies while answering Connor's kazillion questions. LOL! Then he took the kids out with him one at a time in the kayak while trying to teach them what to do and what not to do. I about peed my pants (sorry!) when he and Gabriella almost tipped over (several times!) His face was priceless! No pics as I was too busy laughing. :) Anyhow, he …

Prayer Update...

We serve a MIGHTY God!! My friend emailed me an update on little Johnathan. He was moved from the ICU and is now in a regular room. His breathing and heart rate are regulated but he is in quite a bit of pain. Please don't stop praying for him! The doctors are saying he will most likely be in the hospital for several days but we know what prayer can do. Let's not stop praying healing over this sweet babe so he can be back home with his family SOON!
Thanks prayer warriors!! :)

Another BIG prayer request...

My friend emailed asking for prayer for her youngest son, Johnathan. He was scheduled to have surgery but spiked a high fever which has landed him in the Intensive Care Unit. His heart and breathing rates are high and need stabilized. Please lift this sweet boy up in prayer and his family too!
Thanks so much!!

Take it to God Tuesday....

Friends I am so thankful God cares for me. I am thankful that He wants to carry my burdens, those things that weigh heavily on my heart and soul. That He is always near and is always eager to hear from me.  I can not imagine one day of my life without Him in it! I couldn't survive without Him! He is my lighthouse when the waves of life threaten to overtake me. He is the Light that constantly beams forth guiding me safely to shore amidst storm after storm after storm. He is my Rock. My Refuge. My Shelter and Safe Haven. 

As we navigate life through this perilous world let us remember that we are more than conquerors because of HIM!

Today my heart is heavy with the needs of my friends. I ask you to join with me to pray and help carry these burdens to the Lord.

1.) My oldest sons friend, Eric. He is in the m*rines and will be leaving to do his first tour of duty in the middle of September. His destination is Afghanistan. His job is demolitions exp…


I love Mandisa! Every time this song comes on the radio Kyalynn comes running and will sing it at the top of her voice...perfectly! :)
It speaks of the different seasons of our lives and how through it all God is with us. I don't know about you but that helps me to carry on each and every day. I need HIM! As my days fly by in a flurry and my "to do" list gets longer by the day I have to stop, take a breath and remind myself that this crazy season will pass. My 5 little's will grow up and not need me to kiss their boo-boos, help them find their toys, or referee another fight.
I got to tell ya some days it feels like that's years and years away! :) But I know differently. I'm watching my oldest son poised to fly out of the nest when it seems like just yesterday he was poised on my hip. :(
Today was spent homeschooling amidst Nolan's rendition of Noah's ark as he marched the animals over the school desks and distracted the others with his songs and stories.…

Forever Changed...

This post has been brewing in my heart for awhile but in my life for over 6 years. You see, pretty much all of my life has been all about me. When I married Sean at the tender age of 17 I had no idea that things were going to have to change. No longer could life be all about Lisa. Well, I guess it could but it surely wouldn't have made a very happy or long-lived marriage! :) So after saying "I do" I was forever changed...for the better.
Three years later I again, was forever changed when we welcomed our first son into our family. My focus had expanded again and the "all about me" was slowly dying away. Thank God! As the years progressed through a miscarriage, a precarious pregnancy and another blessed son I no longer only thought about me. In fact, my focus became entirely all about my family.

Our journey into adoption was not smooth nor easy. In fact, I felt God's call 5 years(!!) before Sean did. Sean was adamant he could never love another child as his o…

A Siesta?

Last night was a long night. Little man Sam was not wanting to sleep. So this momma was dragging today. About 5:00 I made the mistake of sitting down to read to the little's. I had read about 3 books when my eyelids felt like they were full of lead. :) I told the kids I needed a couple of minutes to just rest my eyes and as Samuel snoozed in my arms I drifted in and out of la-la land for about 15 minutes. You know when you are trying really hard to stay awake but you.just.can't.  During my brief siesta Nolan thought I needed decorated with green star shaped sunglasses. Oh yea! LOL!
When Sean came home from work he was greeted by a wife with green star shaped sunglasses perched atop her head! I had totally forgotten about them. Sean and the big boys had quite a laugh at that. Oh good! At least I can still make them laugh! LOL!

Um, sorry, no pictures available of this event. This is one event I hope they all forget. :)

The Butterfly House...

Zachary had been planning a surprise for Ericka since last weekend. He wanted to take her to a local Butterfly House because she loves butterflies. Yesterday they planned to go and surprised us when they asked us to go with them. Awww! You can bet your boots we were not going to pass that opportunity up! It's not everyday your 18 year old son wants the whole fam to tag along with him and his girl on a date! LOL!  I'm so glad we went! We had a wonderful time and it's something Sean and I probably wouldn't have ever done on our own. The Butterfly House was a part of the Children's Garden which was part of acres of beautiful gardens. They had fun things for the little ones to do and wonderful sights for the biggins' to behold as well. The traffic was horrid though because the Jonas Brothers were in concert across the street. I couldn't tell you one song from the Jonas Brothers but apparently there were many, many others that could based on the number of cars pa…

In High Gear...

Tomorrow a large accounting firm is coming to check out our system, software and such for Sean's business. The office is in the basement and although it is filled with computers, fax machine, copy machines, filing cabinets and the like it is also our home. Enough said! :) So I've spent the last few hours cleaning up the chaos of shoes, toys, dust bunnies, and smudges off the windows. Aaaahhh! The fresh clean scent, the organization, the clean floor! However, I am very aware that this too shall pass. LOL! I'm sure by tomorrow night life will start encroaching back into this very territory I worked so hard to get cleaned. Oh well! Such is life with a houseful. I'll take the dirt, the crumbs, the smudges and the hard work any day because it means a bunch of wonderful, beautiful treasures live here. :)

It Starts...

Zachary just came home with a surprise. However, this surprise is never welcome around here. He held a 2 1/2 foot rattlesnake on a stick! YUCK! Apparently the snake was trying to soak up the heat from the driveway. Zack saw him as he drove home and had my dad shoot to kill. ARGH! Just another visual reminder of how hyper-vigilant I must be around here with the little's. Kyalynn loves to go into the woods and pick wild berries which scares the willies out of me but Ms. No-Fear doesn't listen and goes into the woods multiple times a day. We saved the dead rattlesnake to show the little's tomorrow hopefully to scare some sense into them and to remind them of why mommy says NO! over and over and over again each day to playing in the "fun" woods. :(


Just was reminiscing and thought how great it would be to post some pics of the kids through the years. I can really see the difference in them. The light in their eyes, the look of security, more smiles, etc. Most noticeable to me is Kyalynn. She went from a vacant, staring child into this little girl full of vibrant life. Thank you Lord!!
This first one is when we met Gabriella for the first time at the airport and we are on our way home.

This is Gabriella not long after her arrival. See what I mean about the BIG attitude?! She was demanding Zachary to read her that book in her hand.

Connor around 3 years old. Just love that smile!

Easter 2007
Kyalynn around 3 years old. Don't you just want to smooch her face?! Cute, cute, cute!
Nolan Elijah a month old.

Nolan around 9 months old.

The first picture we saw of Samuel Tobias.
Sam at 3 months

Zachary and Ryan ~ Summer of 2005 (ages 13 and 11)
Zachary (18) and Ericka