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Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer Update...

We serve a MIGHTY God!! My friend emailed me an update on little Johnathan. He was moved from the ICU and is now in a regular room. His breathing and heart rate are regulated but he is in quite a bit of pain. Please don't stop praying for him! The doctors are saying he will most likely be in the hospital for several days but we know what prayer can do. Let's not stop praying healing over this sweet babe so he can be back home with his family SOON!
Thanks prayer warriors!! :)


Donna said...

Lisa - thank you, and your blog readers, for praying for our sweet baby boy. I really saw the difference when all of our prayer warriors started praying for him. He was really struggling breathing right after his surgery and we were praying for discernment for the doctors, and not long after that they started giving him fluids and it started to really turn him around in his recovery. So thankful to have so many prayer warriors "on call" in our time of need.

His doctors say he is doing pretty good for having such a large surgery. He had to have a benign tumor removed, which ended up being larger than they had initially expected. He is still in a good deal of pain, which is hard on us as parents, but we are thankful that he is now stabilized and is now recovering. We'd be very thankful to have your continued prayers for his recovery. Thanks again, Lisa, you're a great friend and prayer warrior!

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