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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Siesta?

Last night was a long night. Little man Sam was not wanting to sleep. So this momma was dragging today. About 5:00 I made the mistake of sitting down to read to the little's. I had read about 3 books when my eyelids felt like they were full of lead. :) I told the kids I needed a couple of minutes to just rest my eyes and as Samuel snoozed in my arms I drifted in and out of la-la land for about 15 minutes. You know when you are trying really hard to stay awake but you.just.can't.  During my brief siesta Nolan thought I needed decorated with green star shaped sunglasses. Oh yea! LOL!
When Sean came home from work he was greeted by a wife with green star shaped sunglasses perched atop her head! I had totally forgotten about them. Sean and the big boys had quite a laugh at that. Oh good! At least I can still make them laugh! LOL!

Um, sorry, no pictures available of this event. This is one event I hope they all forget. :)


Beth E. said...

Hahaha! Could be least Nolan didn't have a Sharpie in his could have ended up with a mustache! ;-)