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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Terrific Tuesday...

How can it not be when I get to look at this face?! Absolutely precious in every way!! :)

Samuel is now 4 months old and we are soaking up every minute with him. He is such a happy little guy, content and easy to please. He has been cooing and chortling for quite some time now but his repertoire of sounds has grown considerably. He loves lying on his back and grabbing his feet and has just started rolling from his belly to his back. He goes halfway from his back to his belly but gets stuck there at this point. LOL! He still loves to be held and loves when his siblings talk to him. Kyalynn is too funny! She will say to him "you gonna smile Sam? C'mon Sam, give me a smile" and without fail he does. :) He pushes up on his legs alot and has been working on cutting a tooth too. Awww, my baby is growing fast! He still doesn't like his crib and isn't sleeping all night yet :( but that's ok. He's so stinkin' cute I don't mind snuggling him at 3am. LOL! What a   precious, precious gift he is to all of us. Ryan had him belly laughing last night and I just love watching the older boys interact with him like they do. Although the age gap is large it doesn't hinder the love at all!! In fact, if you think about it, Samuel would be considered spoiled in some respects. I mean, come on, this child is kissed, hugged, tickled, loved, played with, talked to, sung to, carried, held, and cherished by all 8 of his family members!!  I think if he could talk he'd be saying "Life is GOOD!" LOL!

And this sweet pea? Oh my goodness gracious!! He is such a gem. Don't ya love his shoes? He is very Mr. Independent and finds the shoes he wants to wear. Usually it is his sisters shoes but who cares?! Well, actually, his dad and big brothers are none to happy about him wearing pink shoes but it works for him. LOL! In this picture he had just fed the chickens and the bunnies. He turned 2 in June and is smart as a whip. We love when we ask him a question and he says, "hmmm, let's see." Too, too cute! 
He is potty trained but for some reason is in a season of preferring to wear his diaper. He knows how to do it, where to do it and when to do it and was doing exceptionally well with it but then one day he decided he wanted his diaper and that's where we are at. I know I could force the issue but goodness I have enough madness going on around here I figure he soon will decide, as he puts it, "to pee big like daddy" LOL!! and all will be well. Nolan is our breath of fresh air around here and we could all just eat him up. :) He has the best personality and his smile lights up the room and our lives. Blessed....we surely are!!

Little Miss G is such a girly girl on one hand but then on the other hand she gets down and dirty with the best of them. LOL! Today as she played making acorn stew in the yard she spilled and the front of her dress is covered in dirt. I said to her your dress is all dirty to which she replied with a shrug of her shoulders and went right back to her "cooking". :) She is a delicate little thing but inside is a BIG attitude. LOL! She's very dramatic and a teeny, tiny cut can seem like her arm is being amputated. She's really good and have no doubts that some kind of acting is in her future....maybe even an Oscar! She loves to mother the others and help me cook and clean. She's a  little mommy. :) She's endured much in her little life and attachment, although it is there, isn't as deep or strong as we would like. We are still working on it and pray this year that breakthrough will come! 

Connor has become an animal-namer professional around here. What with all the new animals constantly entering our lives. LOL! He has named all our baby bunnies...Cottonball, Snowball, Snowflake (we have 3 all white bunnies) and Tux (a black and white bunny). He's also named our chickens...Henny Penny, Clucky, Fluffy and Old Red. When I talk about our animals he knows exactly which one I mean whereas the rest of the family have no clue. LOL! As Connor gets older the behaviors and issues that have always been there get bigger. I am so thankful God has it all under control! There are many days when I just don't think I'm going to survive this but it brings relief to know God has gone before us and is preparing the way for us to walk. Don't get me wrong, Connor is an incredibly funny guy. He has a flamboyant personality and lives life to the full. We love him to pieces which is why we are still giving our all and plugging away at this epic journey with him. We totally believe God has big plans for this boy. He's been prophesied over and we can see the potential. Now if only we could break through the junk.....step by step by step....

Our sweet Kyalynn feeding her chickens. She loves animals and bugs of any kind. She often is holding some weird looking bug and singing to it. :) We say she's going to be an Etymologist (Scientist who studies bugs) someday. She feeds the ants berries she picks in the woods and I'm sure they love her for that. LOL! She has a sweet innocence about her and keeps me in stitches by what she says. In fact, she just came in saying, "oh are you alright?" I said what happened Kyalynn? She said, "Oh the princess fell down, are you alright?" This was her way of telling me she fell down and got hurt. :)  The chickens love her because she gets into the feed several times a day to feed them, much to their divine happiness. They follow her around everywhere. :) She has grown leaps and bounds over the years and we wouldn't change one thing about this sweet flower! 

Of course I do have 2 more sons but they prefer not to have their lives splayed out on the internet like this. Go figure! LOL! Suffice it to say that they are wonderful, young men whom we couldn't be prouder of!! Don't worry, I'll sneak some pics and updates in on them here soon enough. LOL!

Happy Terrific Tuesday, ya'll!!


Beth E. said...

Oh, what precious little ones! You have made my day by sharing their pics and the little stories about them. I sure needed to smile, and this post did the trick. :-)

Melissa said...

Have I said before how amazing you are? Because you are! You children are precious!! I love reading about them.

Peaceful Wishes!

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Tuesdays certainly do look terrific at your home. Your family is beautiful, each child a one-of-a-kind gift from God.

Hang in there on the days that aren't so terrific. Remember that you are investing in eternal things!

God bless,

Tereasa said...

Love this. So sweet.