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Thursday, September 16, 2010

21 Years...


Sean's Prom ~ Circa 1987           

Wedding Day ~ 1989

Now ~ April 2010

Back in the day everyone told us we would never make it, that our marriage would never last. After all, here we were two young'uns still wet behind the ears, what did we know about love?
I had just graduated high school and was a mere 17 years old! Sean, wasn't much older at 20. Why the hurry? Why not wait a few years before getting hitched? Why wait?! I knew this was the only man for me and we couldn't wait to start life together. We began married life in a old, beat up farmhouse that Sean had purchased a year before. It wasn't the Ritz but there was love there and that was enough. Money was extremely tight and we didn't do a whole lot of extra stuff.  Instead we'd curl up together (to try and stay warm!) and just talk and talk and talk. That was the beginnings of a firm foundation of love and that was enough. As our children were born we made ample time to just have fun together. We'd play baseball, build tee pees, talk and enjoy one another. That was the beginnings of a firm foundation of love between us and our children that has led to a relationship with our boys that is amazing. It may not have been travel and expensive fun but it was love and that was enough. Years passed and we worked together to build our log home. It took over a year of hard work and tears but when we moved in that first night, cuddled together on the couch, we laughed and reminisced about the long days and shared the excitement of sleeping in our new home for the first time.  At that point, the carpet was not installed, the temperature was chilly, and we had to sleep on the floors but love was there and that was enough. As each new child has entered our lives we've each been stretched beyond our comfort zones but the love has been multiplied and honestly, that is enough
For all of those folks that told us we'd never make it we knew that we would. You see, we had love and when you have love you always, without a doubt, have enough!!

Sean, just look at us babe! Who would have ever guessed we would be living this dream?! You are my knight in shining armor and I love you always and's to the next 20 years!!!


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your marriage!

Christine said...

You two are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Happy 20 year anniversary! What a beautiful love story. Yes, when you have love, you always have enough. May God continue to bless you and your precious family.

Much Love,

Debbie B said...

Happy anniverary. What an example you are to many.
My favorite memory growing up was laying on my parents bed just talking, nothing but us required. I hope that we are able to live a similar life as we add yeards and children.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So right there with you.

The first pastor that we asked to marry us, wouldn't do it. He said we were too young. Oh how I'd love to send him a family pic ... 28 years later. :)

Last week, our 19 y.o. son got engaged to his 18 y.o. sweetheart. We couldn't be more excited for them. But ... oh the nay-sayers that have spoken. So sad. So hard.

Yes ... why wait, when you know that this is the person that the Lord has chosen for you to live your life with???


Laurel :)