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Monday, September 13, 2010


That's Ryan's new theme song. LOL! You see, my boy passed his test and received his driver's license this past Saturday! 

Here he is heading off on his first solo trip. It was pouring rain and he thinks I'm a nut ball (LOL!) but I anointed his car with oil and prayed over it before I allowed him to leave. Then I had to take pictures and of course I cried like a baby as he drove off. :) I mean, c'mon people, cut me a break, once upon a time he was my baby...sigh...where does time go?! 
His girlfriend asked why he had a cross on his hood and he told her what I did and how I cried and she thought it was so sweet. LOL! 

And he's off.....a boy, his car and the open road. Nothing better! Well, in Ryan's case he'd say...a boy, his car  with the awesome stereo system and really loud music, and the open road...nothing better! LOL!

Mommas, I'm telling you...don't blink!
 Just don't do it 'cuz if you do the next thing you'll see is the taillights of your baby boys' car heading down the driveway. 
Enjoy those little ones. 
Snotty noses, poop butts, bickering, crying little ones because it will pass all too quickly. 


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine being at that point yet!!!! Wow, that has to be so incredible and strange at the same time! I am so glad that you came and visited my blog! I am praying about homeschooling right now and am excited to read more of your journey....
Blessings on you,

Melissa said...

Oh I don't even want to think about it! I just don't! I tell my boys everyday to stop growing. My oldest is old enough now to tell me I am weird when I say that. Awe, that is sad too!

Peaceful wishes,

Beth E. said...

You are absolutely right, Lisa! They do grow up way too fast. Saying a prayer for your son...AND for you!

Salzwedel Family said...

What an exciting time! It is such a great thing to watch our kids grow up and have new milestones every step of the way to be a part of.