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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A True Beauty...

This past weekend I attended our annual Women of Faith conference with my aunts, cousins, mom, mother-in-love and friends. It was AWESOME like always! God met me there and spoke His love and His truth over me again.

It was amazing on so many levels from the speakers to the dramas but for me one of the highlights of the weekend was meeting Mandisa! As I mentioned before my sweet Kyalynn loves Mandisa's songs and belts them out at the top of her voice, word for word. I decided I wanted to stand in line and tell her about Kyalynn and get her picture too. As she signed her autograph I told her about my precious treasure and she said she was so glad I shared it with her. Then we hugged and had our picture taken. As I read what she wrote tears welled up in my eyes. I'm sure she wrote the same thing for everyone but it was so real for our daughter. You see, we call our little Kyalynn, our beauty and Mandisa signed.....To Kyalynn, a true beauty! How perfect! Kyalynn is definitely, without a doubt, a true beauty lovingly knit together by her Creator God!!

I am not one to go ga-ga over movie stars or singers at all because, really, they are just people who put their pants on the same way the rest of us do. LOL! But I'm telling ya Mandisa is the real deal! She just shines with the love of Christ! She is beautiful on the inside and the outside and I couldn't be more thankful that my beauty loves the true beauty she hears in Mandisa's songs.


Beth E. said...

How wonderful for all of you...your daughter included!

Sandy said...

What a powerful weekend it was!! I was so truely blessed by the speakers and your loving family!! Thank YOU!!