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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After getting things in place to take Gabriella to the hospital and driving the 1 1/2 hours to get there they didn't know we were coming!! Oh my! Apparently, the doctor our pediatrician spoke with was no longer on duty and did not leave notes for the next shift. Hmmm...
It was all good.
 I can't rave enough about the wonderful, friendly nurses and doctors that we've always had at Hershey. They really take their time to listen to you and then to explain, in laymen's terms, what is going on. So after we went over her history again and again and again and again just one more time (LOL!) she slept soundly on the bed in the Emergency Room. :0)
Suffice it to say that after consulting with the doctors the urologist felt it was best to just send us home so we could sleep in our own beds. We took Gabriella, her Minnie Mouse, the bag of stuff to keep her content in a hospital room, the folder of lab reports and scans and our sleepy selves and headed home. We arrived back home to a worried big brother cuddling a crying Samuel. We fell into our beds around 2 AM. Whew! We are some tired puppies tonight. :)

Gabriella has a MEGA stone lodged in her urether (sp?). It's about the size of a marble and won't pass on it's own. The pain in her belly is the stone making its' way down the tube. Can you say big ouch?! And the amazing thing is that Gabi says "my belly hurts" and then runs off to jump on the trampoline or play. She has a high pain tolerance, obviously! Her one kidney is swollen most likely due to urine backing up into it and possible infection. Because Gabriella was not in terrible pain, not sickly or presenting badly they felt it was safe to let her go home and just bring her back in next week. The plan is to laser the stone and then use small tools threaded into her urether to gather the fragmented pieces out. Then they will place a stent from her kidney to her bladder to help drain her kidney and due to increased risk of swelling and infection. After  several weeks they will go back in and remove the stent. The stone is blocking her ability to fully urinate and they are wanting to do the surgery as soon as possible. We are praying for next week!! 

Now we just need to figure out a way to prevent these stones from forming or at least slow them down considerably. Did I mention that she is such a trooper? Everyone always adores her and it ain't no wonder....she is a princess extraordinare!! :)

She goes for further bloodwork tomorrow.
Thanks so much for praying! It means the world to us!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I can not even imagine- my husband has kidney stones- lots of them, but the size of a marble! WHAT! MORE THAN BIG OUCH!!!!

Christie said...

Praying, praying, praying.