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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Lil' Update...

Whew! That's me's been a crazy couple of weeks around here and I'm ready to get off this ride now. :) So to all who have lifted our family and the other prayer requests up, thank you. Thank you so very much! You can't convince me that prayer doesn't work! In fact, I often wonder how people make it through the dark seasons of life without God. I can't imagine. It has to be incredibly hard and hopeless. When I am in the trial and can't find the words to pray I know that somewhere, someone is praying for us and that brings relief to my weary heart.

Zachary survived the contraption being removed from his nose and actually didn't need pain medication afterwards. That's a plus. He is really supposed to be off work this week too but the stubborn guy went today and was fine. So no more sick time for him!  That's a huge answer to prayer for him. He was going stir crazy around here. :)

My cousin Charissa had her biopsy done and everything came back clear. PRAISE GOD! She is cancer free!!!

My new friend, S, DID have her baby. He was born on the 17th! Oh my goodness! Talk about a cutie pie! He has the most gorgeous head of curls. He was 9lbs and 19" long and is doing well now. His momma is still fighting a blood infection and her one leg is still swollen and terribly stiff and sore. They are both out of the hospital and staying with a friend. This is an answer to countless prayers we have prayed on her behalf to have a safe place to live until she can get back on her feet. God is sooooo good! Please continue to pray healing over her and God to direct her every step.

My dear friend Dana still needs your prayers. She goes for more testing this week and the doctors are not very encouraging HOWEVER we serve a BIG God who does the IMPOSSIBLE! Will you stand in agreement with us that she is HEALED and CANCER FREE? Oh friends, what a blessing prayer is!

Sean's grandfather, Edward, will be having heart surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). Please pray for God to be in that operating room guiding the surgeons hands and for peace for grandpa.

And last but not least is our sweet Gabi girl. We visited the doctor today and he removed the 2" tube that she had protruding from her side since her surgery. YEAH!! It was necessary but oh my what pain it evoked in our sweet girl. It was a port for drainage but its' location made it hard for her to even wear clothes. So glad it's gone!  I do have one pretty big prayer request in regards to Gabriella. The dr. said today that there is a possibility that he can just remove the stent in the office if the stitch remains visible (which it is right now). Otherwise she will need to go under anesthesia again and endure another surgery. She doesn't do well with anesthesia and it took her over 1 1/2 hours to come out of it after last weeks surgery! So we prefer having things done in the office. Please pray with us that God will allow that to be the plan. :)

I have so many pictures and things to say but finding the time right now is difficult. Hopefully soon things will settle down around here and I'll be able to breathe again.

Thanks again for the prayers!!
Lisa and the gang


Karin said...

Wow...girl, you have had a crazy month. Hope things slow down for you (just in time for the holidays-ha). Poor Gabriella--sounds SO painful. Hopefully she will feel better quickly and I'll pray right now that she doesn't need a surgery to remove the stent.

Christie said...

Praying for all of your prayer requests and praising Him for all of the praise reports!