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Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Gabriella, Sweet Gabriella....

So...if you have been following my blog for long you know that our Gabriella has some medical issues that keep us on our toes. Basically, in a nutshell, if her bloodwork readings (which are done often!) are too high it is dangerous to her kidneys. Unfortunately, she does have damage to her kidneys at this point because of this very thing. If her bloodwork readings are too low it causes seizures and can lead to death. It is a very precarious balancing act of regular monitoring and adding and/or subtracting medication to equal the right numbers.

Gabriella, because of her disease and the necessary medication, has a high risk of kidney stones. Last year she passed a stone without as much as a whimper. We only knew she was passing a stone by the blood in her urine (as per the specialist). Afterwords, she began a new dance with a kidney specialist which included more bloodwork, ultrasounds, more medication and 12 hour urine analysis (oooh, so fun! NOT!) This is when she was diagnosed with the kidney disease and added another specialist to her list. :)

About 3 weeks ago Gabriella began complaining of stomach pain off and on. She was not showing any other symptoms, was eating and drinking normally, playing well, etc. so we wrote it off as another stone being passed and just rubbed her belly and prayed for her. Then about a week ago she began complaining of belly pain every day, sometimes several times a day. Friday she seemed pretty cranky and whiny and just "off". That night she began running a high fever which explained her behavior that day. Then Saturday she woke fine and dandy, no fever and back to herself. Saturday night the fever returned and then again Sunday night with a vengenance. Today she visited the pediatrician and he checked her for several things but couldn't really put his thumb on the problem. She had gone for more bloodwork on Saturday and the results were really low so he was concerned (as were I!) and sent her for...yep you guessed it....more bloodwork! My poor poked up baby! He also ordered an ultrasound to rule out some possible problems. After viewing the results the doctor immediately called the kidney specialist and then me. He said they are looking into several possibilities and may even have to admit her to the hospital. So where things stand as of 8:30 this evening, the dr. prescribed antibiotics (that my wonderful man ran to get at 9:00 PM) they doubled all her medications (which I'll admit scares me a bit) and will be calling me in the morning with the next step after they conference with some other doctors. Did I mention Gabi's fever hit again, like clockwork, tonight right at bedtime? This girl is a mystery! LOL!

Will you please keep her in your prayers? Please also pray for wisdom and discernment for the doctors so we can take the best course of action and get things balanced and then maintained. Her poor's like a roller time she's low and we pour on the meds to jack it back up and then she's too high and we remove some meds "cold turkey".

 I am SO thankful that she is here in America and able to have excellent doctors, care and the necessary medicines. I am SO thankful that this beautiful Asian princess is ours to love and hold and comfort. She is such a trooper! Only 5 years old and has endured so much already! She is such a little light....always smiling and giggling. Today at the hospital she was complimented over and over again about how brave she was, how cute she was and how happy she was. That was Jesus shining through!

When Gabriella was in Korea she spent the majority of her life in a hospital due to them trying to diagnosis her medical problems. Although I'm sure they took excellent care of her physically, the reality is she didn't have a mommy advocating for her, holding her hand, rubbing her back, telling her how brave she is or how much she is loved.  I can't even put into words what it does to me when she is sitting on my lap for her bloodwork and she looks up at me with those beautiful almond eyes and smiles and says "I love you mommy". Makes me tear up just writing that because she didn't have anyone for far too long to hold her through those painful pokes. So many people tell us how lucky our adopted kids are to have us and I just have to chuckle. They have no idea that the truth is we are the lucky ones! That God would choose us to be a mommy and daddy to these precious treasures is amazing!

We are so blessed, so very, very blessed indeed!!! 


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Definitely Praying!!!!!!

NeeCee said...

Praying for her here. Keep us updated.