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Monday, October 11, 2010

You Just Have to Smile....

Well, this was going to be a post full of wonderful pictures of my beautiful treasures but Blogger isn't interested in helping me achieve that goal tonight! So.... just words for now but don't worry I'll be posting lots of pics soon cuz' I know you just can't get enough of those faces. :)

Gabriella is holding her own. Last week was a blur of trips to the doctors, hospitals, bloodwork, ultrasounds, CT Scans, more bloodwork (3 days to be exact), lots of phone calls, antibiotics, and adjusting medicines higher (doubling the doses)! Whew! She is scheduled for surgery on the 19th of October and will be in the hospital overnight maybe longer depending on how she does. The surgery will entail cutting into her stomach and then into her urether tube to extradite the large stone. Then a stent will be placed that will run from her kidney to her bladder. A small port will also be inserted to help with drainage and lastly, she will have a catheter inserted and a bag. :( She is so not going to like that last part, I'm certain. She is such a girly-girl and a bag just isn't the kind of accessories this girl likes. LOL! 
She is barely eating now and complains often that "my belly hurts". :( So we are ready to get her some relief. Thank you all for your prayers and I ask you to continue to keep praying for her.

Nolan's fever turned out to be Croup! He woke up one night coughing and he sounded like a seal. He was having such a hard time breathing that I gave him a breathing treatment and that helped to relax him and me. :) My poor little man isn't quite himself but still gives me the most amazing smiles!!

Samuel has a cold too but thank God it hasn't turned into the barking seal cough and I pray it doesn't! Connor started with the runny nose and cough today and Kyalynn has a low fever. That could possibly be listed as one of the downsides of a large family. Once one gets something it just goes around the whole circle. 

Zachary (our oldest) goes for outpatient surgery this Friday. Ever since he was in that head-on collision last December he's had a hard time breathing through his nose. Apparently, he sustained some damage and they are going to be irrigating that area and removing some cartilage and bone. 

My cousin, Charissa, has her consult with the specialist tomorrow in regards to her possible melanoma. Please pray for her and that God's healing touch has already ministered health to her every cell!

My dear friend Dana goes for a consult on Wednesday with a specialist as well. Please uphold her in prayer and for wisdom for the doctors. Peace Lord, send Your peace.

And just one more....could you please uphold my new friend S in prayer? She is pregnant and due October 20th with a little boy. She has health problems and this pregnancy is exasperating her symptoms big time. Her left leg is in terrible pain and quite swollen. She lives in another state and we have been keeping in touch by texting often. She is pregnant and all alone. Enough said, right there but then to have major health issues going on as well is overwhelming. Please pray that Christ would surround her and His presence would sustain her as she waits for her new son to enter the world.

Thank you friends!!


Christie said...

Lots going on. Praying for all of your requests.


Debbie said...

Adorable face!
Wow, you have a lot going on. How is your friend S? Will be praying for her as well as your family.