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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Countdown Continues...

The countdown has been happening for some time around here.
 What are we counting down to you ask? 
Well, don't you know that Miss Kyalynn is having a birthday this week?! 
 How could you not know?
 I mean she is telling everyone, EVERYONE, we see it's only (fill in the days) till her birthday and that she is having  Backyardigans on her cake. 
Tyrone the moose specifically.
 Now if only I can figure out how to draw Tyrone the moose so he sorta looks like himself....hmmmm....we'll see how that goes! LOL!

If you know anything about my girl you know how much she adores birthdays.
 It doesn't matter whose it is or even if it is a birthday, she's right there belting out the "Happy Birthday" song with all she's got.
In fact, every time a cake is made around here, even if it's just to have cake, she automatically assumes it's someone's birthday. 
When we try to explain it's not for a birthday but just because she doesn't seem to care and will make up a birthday to go with it. 
We've sung happy birthday to trees, squirrels, even to the New Year! :)
It works and it makes her deliriously happy so we'll go with it.

Last week we celebrated Zachary's birthday.
 He's 19 now.
 How did that possibly happen?! 
Kyalynn kept everyone posted that it was "Zachary's birthday" and when she saw him she told him over and over and over again (like a gazillion times!) "Happy Birthday Zachary." 
By about, umm, the 100th time, Zachary had had enough birthday wishes but that didn't stop our girl. 
She is like the birthday celebration express. :)

So, yes, this week she is anxiously counting down the days to HER big day. In fact, I caught her yesterday, several times, just re-counting her stickers on her countdown chart and just staring at it excited it's getting closer every day. 

Maybe I will dictate a post from her on her special day. 
Oh, that would be fun.
 I'll see what we can do...

Time to put another sticker on her chart...
Happy day friends!!