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Friday, November 26, 2010

Even More Thankful...

Today I am infinitely more thankful for this little boy who sits on my lap hitting the keys and trying to eat my keyboard, as I type. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and as we scurried about preparing the food and our home I was thankful but honestly, busyness seemed to rank in importance at that point. It wasn't but 15-20 minutes after we ate that thankfulness, fear and lots of prayers were forefront in my mind and heart. My grandmother was holding Samuel as we were cleaning up and Zachary came in to the kitchen to tell me Sam had welts on his head. Sean went to check it out and came back in and said something is wrong with Samuel. I went in and looked and was shocked. He had these huge welts/hives on his head. I mean those babies were big! My grandmother was holding him and he seemed very lethargic. Holy smokes! I grabbed him up and said we need to get to the hospital right now. I ran out of the house without a jacket and barefooted. Sean had enough sense to grab my shoes for me and off we zoomed to the ER leaving the rest of our children behind, not to mention all our guests. So much for a relaxing Thanksgiving Day. 

Samuel had an allergic reaction to something but we aren't sure what. It could have been the 2 tsp. of mashed potatoes but they doubt that because they were non-dairy and potatoes are not a likely allergic food. It could have been my grandmothers perfume. She was holding him when the swelling happened. They gave his steroids and a breathing treatment when we got there. They took chest xrays, gave him Ben*dryl, and another antibiotic. His saturation levels were low and they called in our pediatrician. She was concerned and wanted to keep Samuel but Sean persuaded her that we would watch him closely, give him breathing treatments every 4 hours at home and come to her office in the morning. We returned home about 7:00 PM to an almost empty home. The little's were put to bed by their big brothers, the kitchen was clean, and all our guests were gone. 

As we zoomed to the hospital I prayed out loud for Samuel the whole way. Suddenly, my heart and mind were totally focused on what it should have been earlier....THANKFULNESS. Thankfulness that I have a relationship with my Savior and that I can call out to Him anytime, day or night. Thankfulness that Samuel is my son and that we live in a country with excellent medical care. Thankful for the doctors and nurses working on this holiday when they could have been home with family and friends and they were all cheerful and kind. Thankful for the divine meeting with our primary nurse who heard Samuel was adopted and shared that they are doing foster to adopt and how excited they were. She was such a blessing to us as we were to her giving her encouragement and sharing her excitement at who God would bring to their family.
THANKFUL for my precious, level headed,even-keeled husband. Man, God was so good to me when He brought me this man to share my life with! My heart melts as I watch him love his children. He loves them well!! To me, it is the perfect picture of God loving us, His children. Beautiful!

So, although our Thanksgiving Day was not as we hoped or imagined it was blessed indeed. Samuel is home, safe, our family was gathered, yummy food was shared, love was abounding and always, God is good!!


Debbie said...

Oh my, I'm so glad he is okay. Very sorry it took that to remember your thankfulness in the busyness. (I know you're thankful all the time)

And I have to add, what a blessing you were to that nurse. Knowing how I am doing in this process I know just how blessed I get when I come in contact with someone that shares our hearts. It's the reminder and encouragement that I so often need.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

So glad little Samuel is doing ok now......that is a huge scare!!!!

May our hearts often remember how quickly things can change.....