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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Post ....

Kyalynn "The Birthday Girl" Lease

Today's my birthday! I 8 years old. Tyrone (from the Backyardigans) is my favorite. He on cake. Samuel, Nolan, Gabriella, Connor, Kyalynn, Daddy, Mommy, Zack and Ryan, Ericka and Hannah, Grammy, Pappy, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Monica, Ryan Earl at my party.
 I open presents!!
There's a picture, that's me with presents.
Mommy played my birthday song. (It's Your Birthday by Kevin Max ) Library? Pet store today? I love books! I love animals! McDonald's?  Happy birthday Kyalynn!!

My sweet girl, mommy adores you! You are SO SPECIAL in every way. Just look at that smile! We love to really decorate and make a big deal out of birthdays to celebrate their lives and when she walked downstairs this morning this is what she was saying..."Oh it's my birthday. Look it's my party. Cool! It's for me. Look at all the cards. Happy Birthday Kyalynn. Eight years old." I just never tire of hearing my girl talk and hearing her say all this thrilled my soul! Her progress might be delayed but last year she was only saying "Happy Birthday Kyalynn" so she has indeed made progress! Praise God!! I could write a book about this her innocence is such a breath of fresh air, how her love of others and especially God, is so full! She is determined to not let life pass her by and not only join in but do it joyfully and with gusto! Today we will sing to her over and over and over again (like a gazillion times!) because that  makes her happy and we love to see her smile. Sounds like her "ultimate fun day" includes a trip to the library which I really don't like to do with 5 little ones who love books and like to pull lots of them off the shelves! LOL! I had already planned on the Pet Store because she begs to go every time we go to W*l Mart. And McDonald's? That's a no-brainer around here. They don't go often and so when they go it's a party in a box (kids meal). :) Ok, so my girl is standing beside me singing "Oh how I love Jesus" and ready to get her fun day in gear to enjoy this sweetest blessing from God!!
Happy, happy birthday my precious treasure! Mommy loves you with all my heart!!


Beth E. said...

Happy birthday, Kyalynn! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Birthday Kyalynn!!!!!! Have FUN :)

Donna said...

So cute! Happy Birthday!!

Tereasa said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl! (Hey Momma - just pulled into town. Will be on line for a few days. Hope to hear from ya!)