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Monday, November 15, 2010

The need is GREAT....

Please look closely at this picture of our sweet Nolan when he was just a newborn. You don't have to look to hard to see how absolutely perfect he is!! Just look at those eyes, and those curly locks that are wound tight like Berber carpet. That devastatingly handsome face.....oh my! Be still my heart....
What's not to love?!

And this picture below when he was about 3 months old still smelling like a newborn and so cuddly and sweet. 

I can't even begin to put into words how very blessed, truly blessed, we are to parent this treasure! He fills my days with sunshine and sloppy kisses. :) I can't get my mind around the fact that so many people are not open to adopting an African American or mixed race child. It breaks my heart to hear so many agencies desperate for adoptive parents open to AA or AA/Bi racial babies and/or children. Oh if only I could adopt them all....but I can' what about you? Are you thinking about adoption? Would you be open to loving a sweet babe with a different skin tone than yours? The need is so GREAT. There are adoptive parents waiting for a healthy Caucasian newborn when there are too many to count, AA babies waiting...just waiting...for someone to love them. Just like the song I posted below....will you be willing to love them for who they are no matter their skin tone or hair texture? Oh my goodness gracious, please, I beg of you, think about it, truly think about it. Maybe your adoption journey can be much shorter just by choosing to parent one of these precious, beautiful, priceless treasures created by the hands of God!!

The Referral Service we used to find our Nolan is looking for adoptive parents open to AA and/or Biracial babies. I highly recommend Hands to Hold Referral Service and Jamie Marlow. Also, Amazing Grace Adoptions always has a need for parents open to adopting AA/Biracial babies as well. They are a wonderful, Christian agency that I've had the pleasure to speak with several times.

As I've said, the need is great but the joy you get is greater...much greater!


Debbie said...

Very well said. I'm sadden to still see the same couple waiting on our agency website since fall 2007 because I know they are waiting for Caucasian. Our agency stopped excepting couples for only Caucasian as I know other agencies have had to do.

Beth E. said...

What sweet pics and what a beautiful post!