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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Around here we have dubbed November: 
Operation No More Diaper!!

And so far things are going well. I made sure to build up this whole "tactical mission" with Nolan in advance so when November 1st rolled around he was ready. :)
His sticker chart is being filled and so is the potty. LOL! The thing is, he was quite capable of being potty trained months ago but had no desire. This time there is no option. I told him by the end of November there would not be any more diapers on his body. I secretly think the whole military-like description has sucked him in (he is a boy after all! LOL!) He likes to put ships (small pieces of toilet paper) into the toilet to sink during his "maneuvers". He is also loving the loud cheers he receives from his "crew mates" after a successful mission. Team work my friends, team work. It makes such a difference. At least on this "base" it does. :)

Here's praying Operation No More Diaper is a huge success!!!


Debbie said...

You make it sound so fun. I've decided this is our month as well for my stubborn girl. I'll have to come up with something creative to do for her to make it more fun.