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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Jeremiah 17:7-8 (70 kb)

Today is the day our oldest son, Zachary, officially gains his wings. Today our 19 year old son signs his name on the dotted line and becomes a new home owner! It is bittersweet...on one hand I am so very excited for him. He has worked exceptionally hard over the years managing his money well and especially these last 6 months doing all the legwork to make this purchase happen. I am excited that he stands on the brink of his future and know that, as the verse says above, he will be absolutely fine. He is well-rooted in the Lord and His Truths and such a man of character and integrity. But if I'm being transparent, then I must also say how sad I am that my first-born will be flying the nest. I so enjoy my big boys and we have some amazing heart-to-hearts together. Not to mention they truly are FUN!! 

I am thankful that Sean and I have built a solid relationship with Zachary that now is a very precious friendship. God is good! Oh so good!!

The other wonderful blessing in all of this is that his home is not far from ours. He found a nice starter home that is only up the road a piece so we can visit often. LOL! Actually, as we talked last night about today he mentioned several times how much he's going to miss seeing the little's every day when he comes home from work! He also said he wants to be sure to maintain his relationships with each of them and to make sure he builds one with Samuel as he grows. Isn't that sweet?! Our 19 year old thinking about and being proactive about building and maintaining relationship with his siblings. I just love that!  I did mention that he could do respite for us now with...{ahem}...a certain child...but he declined saying he'd be afraid there would be nothing left of his house after said child was there. LOL! 

I could write on and on about this son of ours but suffice it to say we are so humbled to have been chosen to be his mom and dad and so proud of who he is!! 

Congratulations New Home Owner!!! We love you!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Wow- congrats...that is a big deal. Happy that he is spreading his wings....happier that we have a bit before that happens to us....but time will pass too quickly I know.

Beth E. said...

That's amazing! Our 19 year old son is still learning from the School of Hard Knocks when it comes to money.

You've done a great job raising your son!

Happy Thanksgiving, have much to be thankful for with your beautiful family.

I'm so glad God allowed our paths to cross...I am truly thankful for you. :-)


Debbie said...

That is excellent. I pray we're able to do as good a job raising our children as you have raising Zachary and all your children.
Congratulations to you all in this big step.