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Something to Ponder today....

Today we had a special guest speaker at church. He was awesome! He is an evangelist from Kampala, Uganda. His name is Steven Sebyala and he runs the Africa Harvest Mission. He is a fireball full of the love of God with such a great vision for billion souls by 2050!! Now how's that for vision?!

Anyhow, he said something that really got me to think. He said over in Africa there is no time limit on God or the ministers of God. The people stay for as long as he preaches, no matter if that's one hour or one day! No one moves until the minister feels he has said everything God asked him to say. He said over here how different it is. When he comes to speak in America he is given a time quota and must not go over it. That in America the people are busy and hurry God into their 55 minutes so they can get on with their day. He said that in Africa the spirit of God moves him and he listens. Here, he must listen to the Spirit but also watch the clock.
Why do we rush God? Why do we want church to be only 50 minutes or less? Why do we want God's abundant blessings and yet aren't willing to listen to God's heart if it lasts longer than our pre-conceived ideas of time restraints? Why are people in every other part of the world willing to die for their faith and we aren't even willing to live our faith here? Why do we not want to soak in ALL of what God wants to speak into us, over us and through us by sitting (however long it takes!) in our air-conditioned, padded seats churches while there are believers in Africa sitting on dirt floors, swatting flies, sweating and hanging on every word spoken because many of them can't read or don't even own a Bible?! Why are there huge revivals happening everywhere but here? 
maybe it's because we are more worried about our comfort and convenience than about the heart of God.

Trust me, I'm speaking to myself here too friends.
 Just something I am pondering and praying about today. 


Christine said…
Thanks for sharing this. A good reminder. BTW, I hope you had a great Toy Story evening. It sounded like lots of fun.
Debbie said…
Why are there huge revivals happening everywhere but here?
Maybe because we think we don't need to minister in our own backyards anymore.
A local friend asked what church we were going to when I told her she said they went there for a little while but once the pastor did an alter call and kept going on and on with the call for 15 minutes. They didn't like that so they left and haven't been back.
I was shocked and sadden for my friend.

Great post and reminder to wait on the Lord, whether it be in a service or our own time alone with Him.
AMEN!!!! I have just started- read one chapter of Radical......yeah- just like that!

Praying for moving me out of that padded chair LORD!!!
LaKenya said…
You are right on point on this one. My pastor today just spoke about grace giving. We can not put time constraints on God. We should be at a point where we allow the Him to minister to us without putting a limit on how long. I know that church services usually have an allotted time, this is where we take what we are learning and GO OUT to continue the ministering. The church service is just the start, the real ministering continues on the outside. Wherever we go, we are to spread the Word and touch the lives of the lost. Many of the things we enjoy in the US are luxuries to other countries.
Beth in NC said…
Oh girl, that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I hunger for a church that follows the flow of the Holy Spirit. If the Lord wants us to worship Him and lie on our faces before Him the entire time -- then someone PLEASE allow His Desires to be accomplished. People are so fearful of what "visitors" might think, or like you said -- comfort.

That is why people are being raised from the dead in Africa and other countries. They aren't playing church -- they are living it out.

Ok, I'll get off of my little soap box.

Thanks for sharing and for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog.

Anonymous said…
Hi I encountered an awesome priest from Uganda once. He was gettng his Phd in psychology from Gannon University in Erie Pa. This priest would talk about how the faithful in Uganda would walk miles to go to a church to hear the spoken word from the Bible.It made me realize how luckly I was to live within a few minutes drive or a block walk from a church.I am thankful I am blessed by God to live in Ameria.Thankful, Pat

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