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Monday, December 20, 2010


Yesterday was Connor's birthday. He was so excited to no longer need to be in a carseat. Yeah! More room in the truck! :) He was sung too at Sunday School and got a prize (a whoopie cushion - which the little's all thought was HYSTERICAL). He was celebrated and enjoyed every.single.moment.

I want to share 8 things about Connor in honor of his 8 years of life:
1. Connor loves Superheroes and can name most every one even though he's never seen any movies or cartoons with superheroes in them!
2. He has an incredible memory. He can remember things from when he was 4, (in detail!) but for some reason has a hard time remembering rules. (Hmmmm....LOL!)
3. He excels at academics, especially math.
4. He likes to ride his scooter and pretend it's his rocketship.
5. He's a good helper.
6. He is funny, mostly without trying. ;)
7. He is in excellent physical condition mainly from all the exercises he's done over the years due to his disobedience. :)
8. He has the most amazing asian eyes and smile. Gorgeous! His aunt has said since seeing his referral picture that he will be a movie star someday. Only God knows what's in store for this boy but whatever it is it will be good!!

Happy, happy birthday Connor!
 We love you to infinity and beyond!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday, Connor!

What a handsome young man. He has a wonderful countenance in this picture...his entire face lights up when he smiles!


Debbie said...

Happy 8th Connor! If he's going to be a movie star I'm sure he'll be the newest superhero when he does. :-)