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Monday, December 13, 2010


Just look at my little beauties!! The Christmas Tea was a wonderful blessing and Gabi girl was sooooooo excited about it! She talked about it for days and was giddy with anticipation on Saturday. She's my girl that wants to live in a castle and wear fancy dresses all day. :) I did their hair, added a touch of makeup and allowed them to wear their flower girl dresses. She was in her glory!!  :)

Then on Sunday we were invited to our friends home for lunch.

We had the perfect winter day meal...chili and cornbread. YUM!! The food was delicious but the fellowship was DIVINE! How blessed we are, truly blessed, to call these folks friends! The best part of all is how much they adore our children and how much the children adore them. The kids were given a huge bag (bigger than Nolan!) full of goodies that will keep my kids happy and busy for a long time to come. When we got home last night they immediately got busy with their new things. There was reading in the living room, painting in the kitchen and slinky playing too! :)
Thank you Randy and Lori, John and Jessica, for the wonderful gift of being your friends!! Our lives are enriched by your friendship and love!!!


Beth E. said...

Such sweet pictures of your family! It warms my heart to see their smiling faces. :-)

It's wonderful to have such nice friends as yours. Blessings to you AND to them!


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