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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just a Sprinklin' of Stuff...

This was all that was left in the room after Zachary finished packing and moving. :(  He settled on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and moved into his new home that Saturday. It really looks nice! We are so very, very proud of him! It's odd though not to hug him goodnight each night or say our standard " I love you, sweet dreams" to one another.  What I miss most though is our long late, late night talks. He has such a tender heart and knew it would be rough on old mom and dad for a few days so he would call or text us each night. :) 
However, in a large family, when a room is "free" it doesn't take long for someone to move in. Ryan now has Zachary's old room and (finally!) Nolan (and eventually Sam) have their own room. YEAH!!

Our annual Christmas traditions have started.
Around here, nothing says winter like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph pancakes.

Included this just because he is so stinkin' handsome!
Look at those eyes!!!

 As a craft project we made birdfeeders from peanut butter, birdseed and fresh cranberries.
The birdies gave them 2 wings up! :)

And these feathered friends escaped Turkey dinner! LOL! These 5 turkeys were moseying their way down the mountain. I thought it was amazing how different wild turkeys look from the turkeys shown in Thanksgiving pictures and such. Wild turkeys are definately NOT as beautiful! LOL!

We try to head outdoors at least a little bit each day.
 It's good to get rid of that excess energy! I will admit that this day was a bit too cold for my tastes. We only stayed outside a brief time but I had to catch Nolan in his snowsuit. He reminds me of a Teletubby. I call him my "Cupie Doll". LOL!

This past weekend the National Aquarium in Baltimore had their Dollar Days weekend. It's something we've been doing since the boys were young. Heck, it's quite a deal for our large family....only $5!! Normally it would be close to $150. OUCH! We try to go every 2-3 years. Last time Nolan was just a new baby. So this time was really for him. He LOVED it! Especially the sharks. He still talks about all the things he saw there. We saw a dolphin show too and they added an interactive children's play area which was a big hit with our kids.

They entertained us with a puppet show, read books, dressed up as sea animals, and found shells and skeletons in the sand table.

And today, we tried out the wagon Zachary gave to the little's.
Looks pretty comfy, huh?! As we walked, Gabriella kept singing "bumping up and down in my little red wagon".
So cute!

We've had plenty of snow flurries here on the mountain already but sweet Kyalynn asks everyday "when winter mommy?" So Connor counted it off from the calendar today and told her. She won't be happy until our ground is blanketed in white, then it will be winter in her book! LOL!